Of stress and...well, mostly that.
Thursday, 05/25/06 - 9:08 pm.

I've been terrible at updating (considering I used to update everyday). Hell, no, I'm not sick of good old dear diary. I just lack time and energy to sit and type out, considering I have long days and even longer academic assignments.

I believe I haven't written here since I got that 5 from hell. I believe the morning after I went to visit Joseph, and we didn't do anything sexual, because lately I live exhausted. He did get me going, but it was getting late and I had to leave. It was raining, he was getting cuddly and his bed is gracefully comfortable, so I had a hard time leaving.

Today I had to go to the ESJ to interview a psychologist, for a paper we need to turn in for Applied to Industry. I felt rather alienated from my own school, simply because my time there expired a long time ago, and things have changed. Some of them. I saw a few teachers, including Fidel, but he was far away. I don't know if it's that I'm trying too hard not to feel anything -like nostalgia- towards my school, and I'm succeeding, or it's just that I have indeed moved on.

Man, I hate driving. This isn't exactly the safest place in the world, so that might as well be taking part in how stressful I am. I hate that people honk as soon as the light turns green...I hate it that they cut you off...I hate so many things, and sometimes I lose it and I feel like causing a massive car crash. It's like some people have diarrhea and NEED to get home right about now. Jesus.

Well, I wish I could sit and cry, but I should better go study for tomorrow's midter. CommPsych...I'm freaked out by all the material, it's endless. And don't even get me started on my schedule after that *cries*.

Also, today there was a small quake (I HOPE IT'S NOT THE VOLCANO, DEAR GOD, I'M SO SCARED!) and a car's alarm went off for five minutes, both events during Mr. Miscellaneous class. It's such a boring class, and even though I freaked with the first event, and got a headache with the second one, those were probably my only distractions. That, and the fact that the professor who uses the classroom before him insulted him, something along the lines of son of a bitch. That was heavy, what's wrong with that man?

I really hate people. They all should swallow a couple of downers.

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