My relationship with my good ol' parents and my date.
Saturday, 05/27/06 - 10:30 pm.

Today during lunch, my dad asked me if I was going out today. I said "no". He asked, kindly, why, you have a car, you have money.... I have to work, I replied. Then during dinner, he asked me if I didn't get bored by sitting every meal by two old people (him and mom). I said no, I was actually very lucky to be with my parents. He seemed very touched and could only reply: well, you're a good girl, too (haha, cute).

Truth is, I am really thankful for the family I have. I do get one of those "thank you, God" kicks, but I never really express them. I consider myself lucky for having both my parents, and being able to spend time with them for at least a meal (on school days, it's just lunch, except on monday, that I don't see them at all during the day until I come home at night).

I read a lot of people's journals, and most journalists' relationship with their parents are so conflictive for one reason or another. Hell, even my poor brother in Houston has to deal with two kids that are excessively demanding and disrespectful a lot of times. I see channels like Nickelodeon putting down adults, and their shows and movies (like that one with the 18 children) have always that message of "parents are the enemy", blablabla. It's a cultural thing, to some degree (aside from being a teenager and stuff).

Anyway. I guess with time my parents have also opened up a little bit with me. Either that, or I always exaggerated their overprotection toward me. Either way, my dad usually asks if I'll be going out during the day and that's it; at the most, he says I can take his car because I can play a CD. My mom does ask me where I'm going sometimes, but they never call while I'm away.

I'm still reluctant to talk about Joseph, though, and they don't bring up the topic either. But aside from that, I think...I think I have a great relationship with my parents, and as a matter of fact, I always have, except for a few lows that, in the long run, have done no harm. Ok, maybe a little, when it came to my independence and such...but I'm over that, and they're over those behaviors, so it's all good now.

Aw, I really love my parents. The end.

Now, I've been asked out on a date. Joseph called me today just to ask me out, he asked if I could go for lunch with him tomorrow. I know, he's my boyfriend of two years and that shouldn't surprise, it should be a routine by now...but it isn't. It surprised me. He didn't even sound like my boyfriend, it sounded like he was courting me, like he did when we first met. So after we hung up, I was giggling like a little girl (I suck).

Then he called at night, and...well, he really doesn't sound like my boyfriend when he calls me on the phone. He still sounds like the first time we spoke on the phone, two years ago, when we'd just met: If you were with me, I'd take care of you so much.... And that kind of things. I mean, he tells me pretty things like it's the first he says them, and that amuses me. It always sounds new. I am in love with him, too, but I'm not that wordy.

Well, I had fun contemplating these two subjects tonight, but I need to get going. I have tons and tons of work to do, but also a date at noon *twitches with joy* and a family reunion at night.

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