It wasn't really a bad day, but I'm still pissed off.
Monday, 05/29/06 - 10:47 pm.

God, I'm so stupid. I hit the car twice today, while trying to get it out of the garage in the morning, and while trying to get it in at night. They're small bumps. That part of the garage is the devil, a curved slope; and the car is too long. Also, I have trouble calculating.

I came home tonight, and I learned someone broke into my sister's house today. They stole her money, and they took away my nephew's Gameboy case, with all his games...but not the Gameboy itself. She'd been telling us how the area was getting dangerous, and she'd thought of moving out. There was a house for sale down my street, but behind it there's some sort of discotheque, so she refused to buy it.

This is going to be the third time today that I say this: everything happens for a reason. I said it first this morning, when I was at Victoria's house. I went to her house after our weekly Methods of Evalutaion meeting in the morning, to study for our midterm this evening. Later on, when we were having lunch, her mom told that phrase, when talking about things happening for a reason. We told we'd just said that. She said, there you go.

And I say it again because it just so happens my parents are getting rid of a woman that was leasing a small apartment they've owned for as long as I can remember. My mom and dad set up their own offices there, and when they retired, a long time ago, it went up for rent. This lady that took it not too long ago (after other people had lived in it) has refused to pay, and after a legal process, it was agreed that she'd leave the apartment by this friday. Thus, my sister will be moving in on saturday.

My nephew is happy about moving, it's exciting for him. Good thing it's closer to our house. I don't think he quite grasps the fact that he's been robbed, even though he lost part of his precious treasures (they didn't take my money, though, because my bank looks like a car, and they must've thought it was only a toy). Or maybe I came when he'd swallowed everything. He's spending the night here, but my sister is at her house. I wish she'd stayed here, too.

On lighter news, I went to visit Irene tonight, after my midterm (I don't want to talk about it). She has half of her leg in a cast. I'll be studying with her tomorrow morning, for our midterm on thursday. It's pretty heavy, I HATE THAT SUBJECT!

I'm in a bad mood, after some of the things that have happened today. I'm under a lot of stress, partly because I hate working in big groups and we're behind on a fucking schedule. Also, my dad is obssessed with the cover of his new book, which I designed, and was turned down by the place where his printing it, because of their stupid technology. He keeps interrupting me, showing me other pictures and asking what to do. I DON'T KNOW, OK?! THEY SUCK FOR NOT HAVING A PROPER COMPUTER, AND I DON'T HAVE TIME NOR THE TALENT TO DESIGN ANYTHING!!!

HE KEEPS INTERRUPTING ME!!! He's not the real source of my sudden anger, but he's definitely not helping. I'm so upset right now.

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