Good news and quality time with my friends.
Wednesday, 05/31/06 - 9:20 pm.

This just in: my brother got his scholarship!!! He's going to Spain in september, to get his PhD!!! I'm so, so, so, so HAPPY for him!!! know, I'll miss him so much. And there go my all the priviledges I got out of being the youg - and - handsome - coordinator - of - the - career - of psychology's little sister. I mean, I was a VIP for a few things in the university.

Well, it's been an interesting day. Interesting!, I say. I'm pretty much Irene's chauffer, since she has her whole leg in a cast. I picked her up this afternoon to go to the university, and she was just learning to use the crutches. Her mom and sister thanked me for supporting her; I'm glad I can do this for a friend. I looked for a parking spot for the disabled, but they were all taken...there are only four, anyway, and who cares about the disabled? Damn.

Luckily, I found a spot near our building. But the campus isn't disabled-person-friendly, and she had a hard time going up the stairs. No wonder there aren't many people with special conditions studying there. I've only seen two. That sucks. Maybe we can create a motion to change that, now that we've experienced the troubles first hand.

Today we also had one of those moments we hadn't had in a loooong time: just Irene, Victor, Victoria and I. Studying for a quiz this evening, eventually we drifted away onto other topics. Victor just broke up with his girlfriend, and we were discussing our moments of brokenheartedness. It was quite a beautiful moment. Then we went to take our quiz, and the professor asked exactly what we'd been reading...except we forgot specific names. Then she released us, because she wasn't feeling well. She's about to give birth, you know.

It was 7 pm, and I drove them three. But a huge storm came over us, and the lights went out all across campus, the air filled with screams of ridiculous people. Victor and Victoria went to look for Irene's sister (she works there) to tell her Irene'd be coming with me. I parked waiting for them, but when Victoria got in, she realized the car in front of us was her brother's, so she went with him.

All the streets were flooded, and I had a hard time driving. And we spent like 20 minutes in the car when we got to her house (apartament building), because it was raining hard. Another lovely chat time, though, because Victor, Irene and I talked a lot. When it calmed down, we walked her to the porch. I drove Victor to the bus stop and then I came home, in time to get that phone call from my brother, saying he got his scholarship.

Which is where this entry started.

I got my period in the morning. I literally got it twice this month. It came on the 1st, and now today, the last day. I think it's because of my intimate times with Joseph, I've heard the act stimulates ovulation and such. But I was nearly crying in pain this time, and I'm afraid I have to see a gynecologist soon. I took a pill and a bath, and the pain eventually ceased. Then my life goes on. But that hour or two of crisis always bend me.

Oh, my. My last midterm is tomorrow. It's a lot of material, but I tell myself that the waiting is almost over.

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