A lost wallet, with credit card included.
Wednesday, 06/28/06 - 8:30 pm.

Joseph came to visit me to campus yesterday. I guess I should skip all the boring stuff, and go straight to the consequences: he's lost his wallet. A credit card, a hundred bucks and his ID, which costs a lot to replace, in terms of both time and money.

I had to be in campus yesterday since 8, to finish evaluating a girl. Then I headed to the psych lab to correct some tests, and everybody was cheering at the soccer match. I met with Joseph for lunch, and he was being a bit bitchy (partly because we had a misundertanding and he'd been waiting for me for an hour).

Lunch, and then just talking. A lot of things were said, but it sticks up the argument that we're not meant to last for a lifetime. I will have to work on that idea and get back at this diary some other day. That along with the other thing that's been bothering me about me, that it's about time I mention: immaturity. It'll be commented some other day.

Anyway, he's lost his wallet, and I feel responsible, because if I hadn't invited him for lunch, he wouldn't have missed it. It's probably a silly thing to think, but I can't help it. He called me this morning really upset, and frustrated and anxious. I didn't know what to say.

I guess I'll have to visit him tomorrow morning. I really, really wish I didn't have to, because I have so much stuff to do. My tasks are endless: a lot on the child abuse project, writing a clinical report, writing the CommPsych project, two finals, four transcriptions, extra classes, and coordinating and receiving final researches for Social Psychology (Mr. Basket says he's really happy with my work, yay). Plus, my friend Nicole, from Florida, is here visiting, and wants to meet up one of these days.

But obviously I can't let leave my man at these times, and I have to go see him. Losing a wallet is really upsetting, especially with all that cash and credit card (the cash was actually to pay for the credit card). He didn't notice he'd lost it until the evening, and he cancelled it then. But an afternoon is plenty of time to go overboard with someone else's cc. I'm scared for him.

More...whenever I have time to update.

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