Battery, and the wise diving cousin.
Thursday, 06/29/06 - 10:41 pm.

Joseph feels better about the loss of his wallet, because no one used his credit card. I told him I'd go see him tomorrow morning, but the battery of my car died as soon as I got home.

It's times like these when I truly believe my mom's prayers to keep her children safe work. Well, ok, I also believe in God myself. I tend to see Him in little things, like allowing me to get home and have the battery die in front of the garage, and not anywhere else on the street, at the time of the night I come home, 8:30 pm. This isn't the safest country in the world, so just being out of your house is serious danger. Let alone if it's late and you're car-illiterate.

Anyway, thank God it happened here. Half an hour later, Cousin Mario showed up. For no reason! He said he was bored, so got in his 60s beetle (he LOVES cars, especially vintage ones) and drove here...which is just around the block from his house. His backyard wall is OUR backyard wall. Anyway. He came over, and he took a look at my car; he spoke of the battery, but also other stuff.

I invited him for ice cream and I got a long story about his diving experiences. He knows so much, it's ridiculous. So he was telling me about those, and all the measures you take to keep your lungs from exploding, for example. Really amazing. I liked how he just felt like visiting, too.

Well, it's been a good day. I saw my friends, and I got ANOTHER 10 with Mr. Miscellanous, this time it was my huge research on borderline personality disorder. I don't want to sound arrogant, but I honestly deserved a perfect score; I'd been working on it since mid-january, from ethiology to prevention, plus my giant explanation of how every risk factor (biological, individual and social) interact with the others. I'm quite proud of it.

Lots of things to get done, and as Jeremy on Yellow Submarine said, "so little time, so much to know!".

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