An update, although things remain the same.
Friday, 07/14/06 - 10:32 pm.

These days have been terrible, because I'm always expecting my tasks are over, and instead, they keep reproducing. The semester finished -it seems- a long time ago, but I'm still going to campus everyday, for this or that reason. I'm so pissed off. And I still have to go next week. And the week after that, the paperwork for next semester begins *sobs*.

Both my nephew and niece are spending the night. I finally got my ID for the university movie club ($6.50 a year!), so I rented Asterix & Obelix and Dead Poets Society. It makes me uneasy having them in my house because I fear they might get bored. But it's nice, they're nice. No complaints so far.

My other nephew is here, also (he always is, he's been living here for a while), but he's down with the flu. So my sister is here, TOO, to look after him and check the development of the disease. Crowded much? I'm not used to it, I was very little when my whole nuclear family (mom, dad, four siblings) lived together. But it's not bad. Except tonight a ridiculous heat wave is bothering me.

This weekend, on sunday, I have to go to the community, but just for a while. Other than that, I'm free for the weekend. I'm resuming my annoying busy life on monday, I need to go to the university because I have to give back the results of the evaluation I did to a student, and because Mr. Basket wants to talk to me. And let's not forget the child abuse project that never ends AND isn't giving me a paycheck anymore. Bastards.

Joseph's gone for the weekend, he went to Guatemala. He called me today from the bus -I think-, and although I was awake already, I wasn't fully conscious, so I don't remember much. I remembered, after hanging up, that I was mad at him because he called me last night and started talking to other people; two times I said something, and he bursted laughing, but at what his boss was telling him over instant messages. I hate when he does that, but I couldn't organize my thoughts very well to tell him he was ignoring me and that pissed me off. I try not to be very touchy, but I hate being ignored, even more so over the phone. So I owe myself a bitch-slap to him next time we speak.

Also: please, please, please...I need to be struck by brilliance. Just for ten pages! I need an idea, I need inspiration and I need a technique, a round story that ends and begins in the same spot, a tribe of phrases that wake something in the reader. I'm desperate for some drive, because I've received notice of a new writing contest. And nothing, nothing, nothing is coming to my mind *sobs again*.

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