Daylog of a nice day, and a risk I might take.
Friday, 07/21/06 - 10:25 pm.

I left my house at 11 am, planning on spending nearly four hours with Joseph. We talked a little about our last incident, but things are really well now. We cuddled, because I was still a bit hurt to engage in any other sexual activity. And we went to Subway for lunch...somehow we always end up there.

I showed up for a child abuse project meeting at 2:30, and worked until 5. I went to check this semester's grade with Victor, and luckily my average didn't change; it's still 9. 19, so I'm really happy. Also, I rented A clockwork orange at the university film club (I joined a couple of weeks ago). Finally I'll be able to see it! Since I read the book, I loved it, and I've been curious about the movie, although the ending is different. I know it's highly violent, so part of me is scared to see it.

At 5:45, I picked up my niece, so both of us, with my sister and my two nephews would go bowling at night. It was so much fun. I'm not used to going out at night, but at times like this, I should. In fact, Joseph told me a friend of his will be celebrating his birthday soon. The only thing that refrains is telling my parents. Aren't I 21, though? I know this isn't the safest place on earth, but I still should be able to go out at night. I don't even drink, so it'd be good, clean fun, rated E for everyone.

My whole family will be out of town for the weekend. They're going to the beach with the kids. I said I wouldn't be able to go, because I had a lot of catching up to do with the CA project. It was true, but we had no "homework" for the weekend. I feel bad for not spending time with my nephew and niece, but other than that, I'd rather stay home. Rose, the housekeeper, has the weekend off, so also, somebody must stay and feed Frog and Parrot (who has no name).

I've developed this risky plan, of bringing Joseph home. But first, I'd love to go bowling, or playing billiard with him. I have a plan, indeed, but tune in tomorrow to see if it worked. Also, I want to start writing an article, for which I only have three weeks to write, if Victor and I want to enter a contest held by a political/science journal. AND, I also need to work on a story for a literary contest.

Just wish me luck.

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