Third day of seeing his face.
Sunday, 07/23/06 - 9:30 pm.

As expected, I spent the night home alone. But in the morning I went to visit Joseph. His mom and dad both opened the door for me, and they're always very sweet to me. Joseph was just waking up.

Surprisingly, he made no sexual move this time around. We laid in his bed, away from each other, speaking of how it would've been our night together, and about A Clockwork Orange. Before he took a bath, he gave me a crash course on how to use a knife. Jesus, he's amazing with those.

We watched Failure To Launch, and I was laughing my ass off in certain scenes because the main character, Trip (I think), IS Joseph. Even his parents look like Joseph's parents. In fact, it was them who handed him the movie. Do you think they were trying to tell me something?. It was a fun movie.

We had lunch at Subway afterwards. It seems it's our default place...see, it's like a fast food restaurant -we're always in a hurry-, but it's not quite junk food.

The afternoon was for myself. I fed Frog and Parrot, I washed the dishes, and made my bed. I was expecting my family to come about 3 o'clock, but came past 6. So I also took a nap, worked a little, and watched parts of A Clockwork Orange.

It's great, having seen Joseph three days in a row. That hadn't happened since...well, for over a year. I was a little sorry for not going to the beach with my family, but I can very well say I cheered myself up. A lot.

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