Of age differences and...well, mostly that.
Wednesday, 08/02/06 - 9:23 pm.

August. By this time, I get all freaked out, with the usual "time flies" comments. Also, I should begin saving my entries again, I've saved a few years (!) but I stopped. I might change my layout before though, so the C&P will be easier *finish random notes to self*.

Well, today we went to a water park. We meaning parents, sister, little nephew, niece and I. My 14 y/o nephew couldn't come because he was at the beach with his other grandparents. My niece said she didn't want to go with them, so she stayed with us and we set up this trip. It was nice, but I kind of hate the coast heat.

Everybody in the family is worried about her, because of her 18 year-old "friend". She could chat for hours with him, and such, and he's the reason why she wanted to leave my house inmediately, as soon as we came from the water park. My sister drove her to her grandmother's, because in that neighborhood is where her "friend" lives, and they meet at the park.

When my sister came back from dropping her off, my niece was fighting with her grandmother. I think it was because my nephew, her brother, was allowed to go to the movies with his friends, and she isn't. His friends, though, I believe, are of his age. Anyway, you draw your own conclusions about this subject. I'm a bit nervous myself.

My mom was telling me tonight some thing about the above subject, about age difference, and I don't remember how she came to this, but asked "what about Joseph?". I told the truth: he's 26, he's five years my senior. But it isn't that much of a difference at this point. She said "yeah, indeed" and smiled. I take it she knows I'm still dating him.

Speaking of Joseph, I visited him yesterday afternoon. It was good. Very good. REALLY good. Say, painless-good. I'm happy. I love this boy more and more every time I see him.

Now I'll be going to work on an article Victor and I are planning on sending to a magazine. Except he butchered my 16 pages, and reduced them to 3. It's a draft, though, and my turn to shape it up (we e-mail it back and forth), so no worries.

I haven't been home for the most part of the day, every day since sunday. And let's count the saturday get-together at night. Tomorrow my twin cousins are celebrating their birthday, and on friday my whole family will go to some mountains. It's been a rather entertaining week, I don't think I'd ever gone out this much in my entire life.

And to top it all off: my friend Vic sent me something. A 1976 Aerosmith's Rocks vinyl record. Holyshit, holyshit, holyshit!!!!! *dies*

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