I have to stop fantasizing.
Friday, 12/01/06 - 10:50 pm.

December is my favorite month. Except today was raining, and it was very windy. Here, rain is supposed to stop by october, but you know how the world is getting these days.

You know what I hate? Fantasizing. I was fantasizing that W would ask me today what was wrong with me yesterday. Like he cares! See, that's the problem of meeting a good clinician, you think he'll get very interested in you. I suppose I need to talk about my stuff, that sometimes I still feel bad. I don't need to resolve anything, I'm just a sad person...now less than before, but I still relapse once in a while.

Also, I said something very stupid to him, about wanting to be an instructor for his subject next year (year! and possibly I won't be allowed to, because I've finished my social service hours, and the class is too small to get paid for instructor-ing it). But I promise I'll stop wishing for his attention. I guess deep down I want a therapist, but I'll survive without one, honestly.

I have a few things in my head. A book I'm (possibly) writing, my graduation paper, and the perspective of leaving for Houston in 23 days. Lalalala. But I still have a few academical assignments to get through with these next two weeks.

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