Best date ever.
Sunday, 12/03/06 - 8:18 pm.

Last evening, I had the best date with Joseph, ever. We went for dinner to a pizza parlor, then we went to see a beautiful play -Peter Pan!!!- and then we stayed in his house for a while, with the lights off, and it was the best bedroom time I've ever had with him.

But serious subjects were also discussed. It seems that his parents are going to split. Joseph's mom, he says, loves only her other son and traveling. And his dad is planning on going back to Mexico (his homeland), to die there. Joseph has this weird idea that when he's about to die, he'll disappear from my life, and his dad is about to do the same thing. Strange, but not surprising. His dad asked him to come with him, but he isn't going, not for me, but simply because his whole life is built here.

If his dad goes away, Joseph will have to leave the house, because he can't stand living with his mother. And even though he's been told that the house is his, he says his brother will get it in the end, because that's been the story of his life. He says he'd move in with his good friend C., but maybe I can talk him into getting a place of his own.

Lighter issues were discussed, like my list of other guys I'm attracted to. On top of the list is, of course, Joe, and I was so, so relieved I could talk about this with Joseph. He's wonderful, he listened and was actually quite entertained with what I was saying. And that's it. I get strongly confused when I talk to Joe, but maybe now that I've talked about this, with the third (and most important) person involved, I might handle it better from now on.

Only 20 days until Houston. I feel kind of bad that I'm leaving Joseph for two months, but at least this week, I should just focus on the present. Also, I wish I could take Frog and the cats with me (ok, ok, Joseph, too...I want to spend my life with him, FYI).

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