Sick Frog, cars and a club.
Thursday, 12/21/06 - 12:16 am.

I finally got around to change my layout. It's rather simple, but I'm quite content with it. Plus, it'll make the entry-saving task a little easier. Except I don't know who made this design; if you happen to know, please inform me and I'll put the proper link.

This afternoon, when I came back from Joseph's house, I found Frog shaking and throwing up; with fever, swollen kidneys and at risk of dehydration, as I learned later. I took her to the vet, and she got three shots (for the fever, diarreah and something else). It's some sort of food poisoning, along with a lack of the proper regular medication. I honestly thought she was going to die, because she looked so ill, and could barely walk.

I took her to the new vet, where the guy who gave me the cats works at (he's abroad right now). There was this girl, I'm guessing she wasn't yet a vet because she asked if we wanted to wait for "the doctor". I was in a hurry, though, so she took care of the case. I think she did pretty good.

This clinic is different from the one I used to take Frog to before. The old one was a bit dark and very didn't seem bad to me, but compared to this one...I don't know, I like this one better; it's bigger and they seem to have better instruments and a better prepared staff. The prices are much higher, however, high enough to make me reconsider sticking to the old clinic. But even Frog seemed less frightened in this place. And anyway, I'd decided I had to find a new clinic when her hanging nail was ripped off without consideration.

As the afternoon went by, Frog came back to life. She was panting when we came back, but finally she ate and drank some water. Perhaps I'm looking too much into it, but it seemed to me that she was happy to be feeling well, and by evening, she was following me everywhere wagging her tail. I hope the worst is over, but I still have to give her some pills for a few days. It's a handful, having a pet. But it's very, very worth it.

My cousin Mario taught me today how to change a wheel and how the car works; now I know what to do in case of emergencies on the road, and I feel special.

Speaking of cars, yesterday two cars crashed behind mine. Joseph and I had gone to the supermarket (he's great, he surprised me with his knowledge when it came to choosing meat), and then we went to the vet to buy food for the cats. I was going to turn right, to park, I put on the light and all, but the guy behind me wasn't keeping his distance, and trying to avoid me, was hit by a car behind. I saw it on my rearview mirror. I'd never seen such a thing before. It's terrible.

I got out of the car, not to inspect the wreck, but to go and buy the food. The guy pointed out at me, but didn't call me or anything, so I just walked away. Joseph turned very bitter since the incident. When we got out of the vet, both drivers were gone and there was no sign of an accident. I asked him what was wrong, thinking he probably considered I'd made a mistake or something, but he said he wanted to go punch the guy, because he was putting the blame on me. I know that if the guy had said something directly to me, Joseph would've jumped. Which is both comforting and a bit scary.

Two more days until I leave for Houston. Ok, excuse me for saying this: I don't want to go!!! I don't want to leave Joseph. This week has been the greatest, I've seen him everyday and it's been just wonderful. He told me he'll write me a spiteful e-mail when I'm gone, saying he and my pets hate me for leaving them, and he'll include a picture of him with Frog, the cats and the parrot, with a banner of the We Miss You Club. It's a funny idea, and yet it breaks my heart.

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