Appointment tomorrow and a possible change of plans.
Thursday, 12/21/06 - 9:48 pm.

Tomorrow's the big day: my first visit to the gyno. Sweet Mother of Jesus, I don't want to go. Joseph says it's ok, it's no big deal...I know it's not for them, but I'm not a fan of spreading my legs, even though since tuesday I've been doing that with Joseph (*cough*).

Yeah, well, because he's my boyfriend, and I trust him more than anyone else in this world. Speaking of which, I'm improving in those bed skills, and he's very happy about that. I've improved so much that I get caught up in the moment, and for THAT, today I kinda sorta forgot I wasn't supposed to give in. I read somewhere that one must refrain from any activity down there for at least 24 hours before the gyno appointment. Dammit.

Anyway! It's not just about sex. That's just a fun, fun, fun ornament in the relationship. Today we went to the hair salon. I introduced Joseph to my stylist and she cut his hair; he looks very handsome, although I could be biased. I'm guessing next time my parents go there, she'll tell them I was there with my boyfriend (and hopefully she'll say he's a nice guy). I noticed her whispering to him, and I know she was asking him questions about me.

Now, though, what drove me to write tonight, is this affliction: my brother in Houston is asking me to please stay there until february 25th, to watch the kids. He's got a congress in Florida and he wants for his wife to come with him. I'm all for it, because they can use some time for themselves. I'm only worried about poor little Joseph, my animals, and perhaps a little about the university, because I'm not sure when the paperwork begins (although I'm pretty sure I have that one covered).

Shit, poor Joseph, he's going to be crushed with the news. Poor me, you should say as well! I miss him already.

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