Recap of the first 24 hours in Houston.
Monday, 12/25/06 - 10:00 am.

Here's a little recap. Being with my family takes up most to my time, so I haven't had the chance to write properly. Yeah, ok, it's been just a couple of days but I've needed to write.

Joseph: I spent the night with him, friday night. He was surprised, and it's memorable, although the bed wasn't as comfortable as I thought it'd be. I tried to called him last night, but the lines were jammed.

The household I left behind: Frog, my Frog. I left her very sick, and when I told my brother Alan about it, he said that it might be a kidney failure and if so, it's just a matter of time. On friday I held her for a long time and cried out loud; she started to lick me softly and I cried some more. I'm pretty stoic, just hoping she won't be in pain, with the possibility that it was just an inffection. But I have my moments when no one is looking, and I pray for her to just wait for me...or that she's not in pain.

This household: there's 11 people here at the moment: mom, dad, brother and wife, two nephews and a niece, another brother, sister and a cousin. And yet, I don't feel it crowded. This is a new house, much bigger, and there's room for everyone. But as usual, it takes a whole morning to take off anywhere, and the decisions are hard to make. My rules are don't wait for anyone and don't expect anyone to follow you. I have my meals at the time (although my schedule is messed up and is missing lunch), and I went to bed at 1:30 this morning...I couldn't sleep until 3, because the rest stayed up watching American Idol, and my family is loud when they're having fun.

My niece: my brother says she's pretty nice right now. She even said good morning to me, when I thought she wouldn't speak to me. But she's still very moody sometimes. She's very bitter, wears make-up like a raccoon since watching Degrassi, takes pictures of herself MySpace style (I found them accidentaly while saving my own from last night), has had about three boyfriends since she came from El Salvador in july, locks herself in a room with a laptop and the phone for hours, and has ran away from home three times within six months. And I'm babysitting this thing for a couple of days in february? Jesus. Her number of years doesn't even have the "teen" part yet. What a shame that she has this hurry to grow up. Plus, I'm getting the feeling she's very naive (I used to think she was very smart) and boy-driven. Not a good combination.

People are starting to wake up to open the presents, so it's time to go. More later, hopefully. For now, it's family time and all that. It bothers me a little, because crowds in general bother me, but I'm really glad to be here (except for the Frog part).

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