Things change, or maybe I just grew up.
Thursday, 12/29/06 - 12:21 am.

It's nearly impossible to sit down and write. It's either someone else on the computer, or we're going out. Everyday has been a trip somewhere: to go shopping, to the park, to the museum, to a bookstore. It's great, of course, but I'm more of a loner so sometimes I crave for a little isolation.

Frog is alive and well! Since the last time I wrote, I was certain she wouldn't make it past christmas. Yesterday my brother #3 wrote to me. She couldn't move, because of the kidney pain, to the point of soiling herself. He took her to the vet, and it turned out I didn't buy the one medicine that was crucial for her recovery, and bought the other ones. I feel embarrassed and hurt, because that can certainly be taken as me being neglectful. I love Frog very much and I made a mistake that almost cost her her life. But anyway, treatment has changed, and she's on her way to recovery.

When I'm here, in Houston, I feel like shutting myself and never going back to my country, leave it all behind. It's not the american dream thing, no, I just...well, there are things that are better here, and probaly are better in other countries, not just the US. More than related to material stuff, it's about some attitudes in people and society in general (others, like the ones my niece parades in her "don't try and tell me what to do", "I can't hear you" and "let's focus on me" t-shirts, I can do without).

On a different subject, I have found myself at a point where nothing pleases me anymore, and this I mean it in a material way. I used to love going to Hot Topic and Claire's, but now, either they are making shitty stuff or my taste has changed, but I can't find anything that I like anymore. Not even my beloved bands make the cut. I've decided not to buy anything Beatles this time (my brother got me a Beatles cartoon mug and an Apple t-shirt for christmas, I love them); I figure I have enough books already, and the essential albums. Same with Aerosmith...not that there is anything new. Only a Greatest Hits collection. Big deal, they release one every year, with the same songs. However, I am getting the two STP albums I'm missing, and possibly 12 bar blues.

Anyway, I've resolved not to spend too much money. Clothes, books, earrings, bracelets, it's ok. I'll get something for my brother #3 and his wife, and Rose, and Joseph back home (the rest of my family is here). The rest, meaning my friends, can go to hell. I'm only getting them chocolates, and frankly, I dread the day I'll see them again. But it's still a long time 'til that happens.

Damn, I was hoping I'd finish this entry before the 28th came to an end. Now it's the 29th. My brother #2 (the one in El Paso) and my sister leave on january 1st. That's how the house starts to get quieter. But for now, I must enjoy my family time.

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