A lame entry to finish 2006.
Sunday, 12/31/06 - 7:12 pm.

This is just a quick update before the year ends. I'm always too lazy to review my year, and I'm afraid this time won't be any different. I'm quite content reading others' reviews of their own years, thinking I don't have that good of a memory myself (I could read old entries, but what did I just say? I'm lazy).

My whole family is downstairs preparing dinner. There's some people coming over, and I don't see why, we're enough people as it is, my family is 11 members at the moment (minus brother #3 and his wife). My sister leaves to ES tomorrow, though, and my brother #2 leaves to El Paso the day after.

A better outlook on my life in Houston when things calm down around here.

Happy new year!!!

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