Late night/early morning random thoughts.
Saturday, 02/03/07 - 01:00 am.

My brother and his wife went out tonight to have some fun. I'm happy for them, they need it so bad; my brother thanked me a few times, wholeheartedly, for looking after the kids. The three of us had pizza. My niece had a row with her parents, though, and was crying painfully afterwards (she was grounded), but I had no trouble with her. She's been very nice to me so far.

With my nephew it's easier. We spent the night watching That 70's Show episodes. Last night, we talked about his high school experience. I was surprised that he opened up, about his friends, a girl he wanted to talk to, and stuff like that. He still has rage crisis, but I've only seen him like that -say, being unreasonable- one or two times. He's changed for the better since last year, and in general, he's very focused.

I had a dream, that I was coming home, and my cats hissed at me and walked away. That's self-explanatory of my fear ("boo-hoo, my cats hate me for leaving them"). But also I've been dreaming of bleeding non-stop and making a mess. It could be because I'm reading Rebel Heart (the autobiography of Liv Tyler's mom...therefore, there's some Steven Tyler here and there, yay), and she's had several miscarriages.

Speaking of this lady, it always amazes me how the 70s were, everybody going to bed with everybody. Well, I for one can't help feel emotionally -and even physically- attracted by boys other than Joseph. There's the ever-present Joe, and my old friend Vic, who I've been remembering because he looks a little like Hyde, from That 70's, only in a more heavy metal version...

But it's just a fantasy, I could never dare. I'll elaborate some other day, it's too late right now (or too early). Here comes the weekend, and with that, less time for myself. I have a few things to do: mail letters for certain people, set up something for Simeon (if it works, I'll mention it here, but it may take even months), keep going to the gym, learning how to apply to universities here. And of course, helping my brother and his wife raising these kids and survive while trying.

Ok, good morning!

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