Ok, all in all, I am really proud of these kids.
Thursday, 02/22/07 - 10:26 pm.

I wish I'd written sooner, to keep track of this week, but it turns out that the more things I had to talk about, the less time I had to spend talking about them. It was a wonderful week, possibly the best I've had in all these years, since I was 13, that I've been coming to visit my brother and his family.

Sure, I had to wake up at 5:30 every morning, to hurry my niece, but never did she frown at me, not once. She was very obedient and helpful and lovely. Same with my nephew, and today he was telling my brother that he and his sister had a lot of fun with me. I say the same thing. In fact, I'm kind of sorry time's up, I got used to dropping them off, picking them up, feeding them, and hanging around in the living room, watching That 70's Show and Family Guy. Yeah, the evenings were the best.

I know I've had harsh words for these kids in past entries...I can't really take them back, because those are things they still have to work on, and that upset me very much. But I have to say also that I'm really, really proud of them, and one of the highlights of my life is watching them grow.

Which is why is really painful to me the fact that I will never have a vacation like this one anymore...this is my last year in university, so afterwards is graduation paper, -hopefully- keep studying, finding a scholarship, getting a job, I don't know. I just won't have one or two spare months to come to Houston.

I'm still in charge tomorrow, I want to, even though I don't have to. My brother and his wife arrived today in the afternoon, while I was at the supermarket with my nephew, who came with me after school, to do some grocery shopping. I bought something for dinner and I prepared it, as I'd been doing for the last seven days. They both were very pleased, and said they were surprised by how well I handled everything; but I'm sure they didn't expect any less, or else they wouldn't have left their home in my hands.

My nephew and niece had nothing but nice words about how I took care of them. I have a deep bond with each of them, and of course I'm about to write a wholehearted letter to them and leave it on their beds the morning I take the plane (monday morning *chokes*). It breaks my heart that, by leaving, I kind of lose the beautiful relationship I build with them. But somehow, we pick it up next time we meet.

Speaking of good relationships, my niece was sick today so she stayed home (she's missed school once a week since I'm here, so she'll be taken to the doctor). She'd been dying to put highlights on my hair. I was a tad reluctant, and if anything, I wanted to do it myself. But I let her, because she was really excited about "getting to wear the professional gloves". So cute. So I have random chunks of a, uh, reddish blond...they didn't turn out like I expected, but I also expected that they wouldn't turn out like I expected, so actually it's all pretty good. I gotta give her credit, and I actually love them. She's just delighted.

Part of me says I'm ready to go back home. I miss my family (pets included), I miss Joseph, I miss the familiarity of the place where I grew up. But I do not miss other things; big things, like how messed up the country is in almost every aspect you choose, and smaller things, like working with my "friends". I swear I dread the day I have to face Victor et al again, because I do not want to work with them anymore. Well, Victoria's ok, she's the most responsible/friendly (both, at the same time) of the bunch. But I'm praying to find a new group, a group where everyone has an equal amount of work to do.

And it's time to go to bed. Tomorrow's my last weekday here. I have to make the most of it.

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