After three years, I discover it's only four years!
Thursday, 03/01/07 - 8:52 pm.

My little lie to Joseph, about telling him I was coming home a day later than I actually was, is nothing compared to what I found out about him yesterday. Well, it's not big deal, really, and I laughed a lot when I found out: he lied about his age.

Yesterday was his birthday. He didn't turn 27, he turned 26. Thus, he isn't five but FOUR years my senior. Strange, it took me some time to assimilate that. He let me see his ID to prove it, which he'd never done before. He was born in '81, and I also could finally see where in Mexico he was born. I'd never heard of that place, but if that's it, then there's nothing to do.

I didn't quite get why he lies about his age. Something along the lines that people was always telling him he looked older than he is, so he played along. And also, something about his brother lying about his age, too.

I met his brother, by the way, he's visiting from California. He's very handsome, and indeed, he doesn't look like he's 34. But he kind of scares me, but I can't really describe why. He looks very moody, I guess.

Joseph says he's being ignored by his mother, because his brother is her favorite. I can tell Joseph is very sore about a lot of things that went on between the both of them when they were younger. I don't know what it is really, but they were always getting in trouble and fucking each other up.

As a birthday present, Joseph's brother got him a kitty. She's the cutest thing I've ever seen, she must be like a month and a half old. She's black, white, brown and orange (one of her legs is striped, like Garfield's). She's climbing on everything, she's like a guinea pig with Spiderman's powers. Joseph named her Waffles. I want to follow her with a camera the whole time, she's gorgeous and dumb. But Joseph's mom is pissed because once the cat grows up, she'll sneak into the kitchen, and Joseph's mom is a chef (so is his brother).

So I met his brother last night, but we just waved, because he was on the phone. We said hi today, but he didn't pay much attention to me...he asked to take Waffles upstairs for a while, but the kitty started to cry out loud, and he said fuck you, bitch, in a perfect californian accent. Today Joseph and I were having some bedroom time when his brother yelled at him to come upstairs. Joseph couldn't go, but kept saying just "no". FUCK YOU, THEN!. Yes, he kind of scares me, but I do love when he says "fuck". You can tell it comes from his heart, if he has one.

The reason why he was calling it's because he'd just bought Joseph a car, although Joseph can't even drive [yet]. It's pretty cool, and small. He owes me a lot, and a car doesn't even begin to cover it. I hope to hear that story one day.

And onto other news, I've started my paperwork for this semester. And also Michelle's, since she's in Sweden. The schedule is the usual, all my classes are always between 4:30/5:30 and 8 pm. It seems very light, two classes per day, four subjects. But every class' credit is based mostly on practice on the field, and long meetings with professors to guide and evaluate the practicing. Which means it's a good thing I don't have a job.

I told my brother #3 (the one working at my university) that I wanted to get a job, to build my resume and start earning money of my own, to alliviate my parents' weight and to increase my savings for the future. He said I shouldn't let anyone put me down and use the "but you're not working!" line as an excuse for anything, like giving me more work. Certainly my parents paying for my education is a blessing, but studying is a job in itself. Luckily, in that sense, I'm not letting anyone down. I have one of the highest averages in the entire career of psychology, and that can get me places after graduation. But more career-talking some other day. G'night!

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