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Saturday, 8/3/02 - 3:34 pm.

On a second thought about aging, I guess I won't talk about the second Star Wars trilogy but about the first The Lord Of The Rings trilogy (though I doubt another trilogy will be made). I'm not a LOTR fan either, but still...these are the times I'll remember when I'm senile, rocking out with my out-of-date CD player.

Last night I turned on the TV and Love in an elevator came on. It was great. I'd watched it the day after, when a short "special" (just a few, common songs from the early 90's) was aired. It's that call from nature I have to take. Not to mention the insignificant footage on 20/20 last night. A specific brand of water for Steven's lubrication (I mean, his throat...), no pressed meat (I'm guessing it's related to the turkey incident in Japan in 1977) and such. Yes, they are spoiled boys. But then again, a lot of artists and "artists" (*quotation marks in the air*) are.

Since I am very skeptic when it comes to my oh-so-beautiful-dream of meeting Aerosmith, I hadn't even bothered checking out the tour dates (they'll start touring in 6 days or so). But I heard dates. And I couldn't help it. And I had to search the entire list. And I highlighted the most heartbreaking part of it:

Dallas, TX - Race Track 10.26.02
San Antonio, TX - Verizon Wireless 10.28.02
Houston, TX - The Woodlands 10.30.02

I don't know why I bothered. The only reason why I always look for Texas it's because my brother lives there. It's not like I'm packing my bags and taking the plane and arriving on time to see them play. I always do the same stupid thing. I always have to make up dreams, checking dates, to find out I won't make it, checking prices, to find out I won't make it, checking places, to find out I won't make it.

When I read "Houston", I broke down. Yeah, ok, it's just a band. But it's my band.

I want to see it live, and I want to tell the members how much they mean to me and why, and thank them for things that maybe even they wouldn't care about. I'd like to do it before I die...I'd like to do it before they split up.

But that's not going to happen. Never ever.

Dream On? Yeah, right. I need to be told something I haven't done.

Ok, on a brighter note, there was a small seism two days ago. At 8:09 a.m., focal depth of 52.4 miles, and according to the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale:
III- Felt quite noticeably by persons indoors, especially on upper floors of buildings. Many people do not recognize it as an earthquake. Standing motor cars may rock slightly. Vibrations similar to the passing of a truck. Duration estimated.

I told my parental units the ground was shaking and they did not believe me....until they felt it for themselves.

An earthquake is kind of fun. I can't remember my first one, as I was less than one year old. I do remember the second one, on january 13th, 2001, and the third one, on february 13th, 2001. Fun times, really. Until you land back in reality and start thinking of your family, if they're alright, and find out that a hill came down and destroyed an entire neighborhood.

So...a seism here, in Costa Rica and...surprise! in Honduras, too. I wonder if my little classmates felt it. Maybe not. They're coming back tomorrow, by the way.

Old saint Andres, seven years ago
shoving up their richters, red lines stop and go...

(Nobody's Fault, one of my favorite songs. And actually was inspired by an earthquake in Nicaragua...or so urban legends say...).

So that's all in the news today. I'm trying to get him off my mind, because I can't do anything right now about us.......yay, I though of other stuff!!!......not.

I was watching My girl on TV this morning and although I feel it's a boring movie I can't help watching it. And this time around I couldn't help thinking of him, I wished he was here with me so I could squeeze the living hell out of him at the end of the movie, which is a very emotional part for me, I must admit. I didn't cry though, because I was having lunch. Know that knot in your throat when you're about to cry? It was swallowed away along with my meal.

It's a dumb thing, because here the name of the movie was translated as my first kiss. It's senseless, the kiss between the kids is not the main point of the movie (but then again, I still haven't figured out what the main point is). The ones who translated the title must've felt very lame when they discovered the sequel was coming out: my girl 2. How, my "second" kiss?? No. My first kiss 2. How dumb.

Hollywood is full of upcoming sequels right now: Spiderman 2, Tarzan & Jane, The Two Towers, Episode III...how dumb, too.

I have to go shoot some spiderwebs around the house. Ants are invading us. Simeon says he'll try to learn to shoot spiderwebs with his mind, a la Yoda (I mean, that's what he says, I tried to tell him Yoda doesn't shoot spiderwebs, let alone with mental power, but he stuck self-made spiderwebs in his ears and didn't listen). His goals for life are very praiseworthy.

And I still want my band *tear in left eye*.

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