Overwhelmed but not complaining.
Thursday, 05/24/07 - 11:32 pm.

Well...I have never been so overwhelmed with such a schedule. But I'm enjoying everything, because even though I'm doing everything with a deadline, I'm doing what I love.

Things went well today, but in general, all my children are cancelling:

My boy at the public school didn't show up last friday. He got suspended for scratching a classmate's face with a pencil. Hopefully he will show up tomorrow, I can't afford to get any more behind on my evaluations. However, I didn't realize he had such an aggresivity problem. That'll have to be part of the manual Victoria and I write for him (but if in his house relationships are based on violence, we can't make such an impact).

My patient didn't show up this tuesday. However, I had Psychological Treatment for The Child and Adolescent (phew) midterm that day, so I appreciated the spare time I got. Although my boss called me and I had to help her at her office for an hour. Meanwhile, I missed an awful fight between this girl, Sulley (a good friend of mine), and the boyfriend of another fellow instructor. The enviroment has been tense since then when they're both around, but obviously, nobody in the cubicle has taken sides, and the rest of us keep getting along with both of them. Ah, it's so good to be mature.

My girl for Proffessional Orientation didn't show up today. We need her to take a re-test, and she said she couldn't make it. Great, wonderful. Of all the children, this is the one that I'm in a hurry with the most.

We started a workshop today...I'm with F&F, a married couple that's in every one of my classes. I have FINALLY found someone to work with. My friends are in their own thing, preparing a workshop for a different group. Me, I feel finally in a team. F&F are hard workers, and we all work together. It's a relief. I'm very fond of my friends, and I miss the contact we used to have, but I do not miss working with them.

I don't see Joseph anymore, literally. I saw him tonight because my last class was cancelled; I picked him up from work and I laid in his couch the whole time. I hate not giving him that much time...to his credit, last night he called to see if he could visit me. I was in the middle of a midterm, damn. He understands me, thought, and that's nice. Seeing him keeps me sane, and helps me keep things in perspective. He told me I should learn from Irene, she's always smiling, even though she's facing trouble. I know I can't be like that all the time, but I've promised myself to try and be a bit more flexible and less moody when facing certain situations.

I'll take a break tonight. I'll read a book for reading's sake and rest. I'll continue in this whirlwind tomorrow.

Before going to bed, my mom told me today was an anniversary of her mother's death. It made me want to cry. I never met her, it's just that I'd hate to have to say that myself some day. If anything, my kids will know everything about their grandmother.

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