Four notes on today.
Tuesday, 06/05/07 - 9:34 pm.

I can't really write right now, because my brother #1, from Houston is here, and he brought a cable so we can install wireless internet. And he might want me to start installing it anytime soon.

I just have to say four things:

1. I survived this day. Private school at 2, patient at 3, meeting at 4:00, evaluation of a professor at 4:30 (us instructors apply it while (s)he's in class), class until 8...and an ugly row at the cubicle. But the day ended up pretty well, I got a 9 in my Psychological Treatment midterm!!! Please compare to the pathetic 6 of the first test. I am happy.

2. Emotionally, I have patched things up with my friends. Today we did an excersice in class, in which my partner of the subject -Victoria- asked me to tell her something significant that happened to me during these past two weeks. I told her a few things, and at first it didn't seem like she was listening. But that was the point, how we felt when we didn't have the other attention. Us partners didn't know, so someone raised her hand and said she wasn't listening to me!. Victoria said she couldn't get to ignore me, because we're friends, and I couldn't help asking her more about what she was telling me. Yes, we're friends.

She's coming over tomorrow, so we can start on our report on the kid we're evaluating at the public school. I will not go to the university: Mr. Basket cancelled class. I'll miss the cubicle, actually, but I'll invest my time on catching up.

3. Joseph is a fucking jerk. We were talking online yesterday, and I was sending him the lyrics to a song I like. Suddenly he goes "STOP IT", and shows an angry face. I was a little confused. "BETWEEN YOU AND WAFFLES (his cat) MY COMPUTER IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE, YOU'D BETTER IT WON'T!". It hurt me, it confused me. I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. I apologized and blocked him. Then I got angry. And I felt...heavy? the entire day. I mean, I was hurt. Not enough to cry, but I was seriously confused and I didn't think whatever I was doing was that bad.

He remains blocked, and if he's trying to call, he won't get through, because my brother is on the phone. At least he's online, so maybe his computer didn't crash after all.

4. Here's the other side of the coin: S. Yesterday people asked him about me. They said we seemed to have something very intense and stuff. He had this huge explanation that I was engaged and happily in love and he wasn't "in the right situation to give me what I needs. That line melted my heart, for some reason.

I feel terrible, because I HAVE fallen for him. And the worst part is that we both have accepted the chemistry between us. Although he's got nothing but words of encouragement about my relationship with Joseph (I just told him I blocked him).

Here comes my brother. Bye.

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