My dad and other guys in my life.
Sunday, 06/17/07 - 10:48 pm.

I hugged my dad today. It isn't THAT hard for me to tell him that I love him, but those words usually only come out on Father's Day and on his birthday. Much to my surprise, though, I started to cry when I told him. We took him our for dinner and we all signed a card (custommary in my family).

This morning he was listening to a song about an old man, who lived in a nursing home, and spent the whole day waiting for his children to visit him, and they never arrived. Those stories tear me apart every time and break my heart to the point of making me cry.

I went to Irene's house this morning, to finish a report we turn in tomorrow. She's my partner in the subject of Professional Orientation. We finished by noon, and she asked me to stay for lunch. I wasn't planning on it, but she was home alone, it was Father's Day and she lost her dad about 8 years ago, she hasn't really worked on that loss. I didn't want to leave her alone. We made pizza and talked about academical things; I love hanging out in her house. A few days ago she broke down in my car, talking about his death. I couldn't really bring myself to ask her about how she was feeling today, though.

On thursday, I attended a jazz concert in campus, at lunch. Joe invited me. I was going to meet up with Victoria (I'm teaming up with her for another subject), but she was late, so I went to see him. I missed attending those small gigs in the little forest. And he's really good. I'm happily recovered from my crush on him, and now I just admire him, for the wonderful musician he is.

Speaking of old flames, I didn't think I could be talking to 1, my ex-boyfriend, like good friends. We have our conversations, nothing deep or long, but it's nice. I wasn't a good girlfriend and I hurt him badly, and I thought we'd never talk again. But it's all good now.

Now, onto my current (and hopefully never-ending) flame: I have to say again what an awesome night we had on friday. I picked him up before rush hour, we stopped by a drive-through for food, we got to his house, we watched a lousy movie, and we had the hottest sex since...since...I don't know, I don't watch that kind of movies. But it was unbelievable. It already feels like he's my husband...I pick him up, we talk about our day, we eat, we go to bed (but not to sleep). It's cool.

When I called him telling him I was waiting for him outside the building, in my car, he walked out like he always does. At night, after hours and hours, he goes they must be furious. Who, why? At work. When you called me, I said "I'll be right back" and got out of the store. But by now I think they get I'm not coming back for the rest of the day. By then I think the place was already closed. I love this guy.

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