Helping and burning out.
Thursday,06/21/07 - 9:25 pm.

It seems I'm very helpful lately. A lot of people ask me favors. Today, I gave a group of students some guidelines for their investigation (I wonder what's up with that, they're taking an entire semester on that subject!), I helped a classmate with another investigation, a Likert scale, I'm helping a guy with another one, and I'm translating a letter for PB. About the last one, I ended up volunteering for translations, anyway. Plus, the usual of my friends.

This is an awful time, and I can't even begin to number all the things I have scheduled for these next weeks...last week I said "these two weeks", but now that one has gone by, I still have the same amount of work AND finals on the horizon.

Today I had my last workshop with people who work with children from the street. All in all, it's something I enjoyed, and I think I learned more from them than them from us. Either way, they were very happy with what we did, and the material we provided.

Well, my point is that I needed something for an exposition, and my brother #3 happened to be able to lend me a hand with that. We did it "underwater", because what I needed belonged to the psychology department.

I went to pick it up to his office, and for the first time, I was able to see how burned-out and fed-up he is with his job. Since the scholarship fiasco with the university, it's been downhill for him. I know he just wants to get out of there, and he's still working there because there's no job elsewhere. It's so hard to find a job in social sciences, everything is now about enterprises, bussines, administration and technicians.

He wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, but I could see he's just unmotivated, dissapointed, doing his job just because he has to; the students are whiny and ruled by the law of the minimal effort. I'm so sorry for him, and I pray that he gets out of there as soon as possibl. The least I could do was get him some snacks. He gave me a thumbs up for that.

I fear I'm approaching burn-out myself, but tomorrow's a holiday and I'll go to the movies with Joseph at night. But tonight, I still have a lot of work to do.

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