A week of flaws.
Monday, 06/25/07 - 9:28 pm.

I was thinking of coming here and talking, but I have other stuff to do right now. And I just had a little thing with Joseph, so I'm not in the best of moods. Seriously, I must not talk to him online, fuck. He always uses a word that upsets me, I get mad, and we have to say our goodbyes to avoid a bigger conflict.

Part of me secretly hopes to blow up one day, crash his bedroom and hit my head on his door repeteadly.

I think I'm approaching burn-out. I try to stay positive and motivated, but it's too much. I have so many things to do for this week, plus finals. My case is still one of the best, though, because I do not work or have children, in addition to studying. But I still feel it's much, even for someone in my position.

I'm gaining weight. It's not the OMGZIMFAT shit, because I'm not fat. But I honestly need to start excersizing ASAP. Joseph says I need cardio, but before cardio, I need some fucking discipline. I can't hang on a routine for more than a week and a half.

It's because I always have something else on my mind, especially at the moment. Joseph says that'll always be a flaw in me...wait, and that's when I got mad at him and said "oh, so my whole life is a flaw" (because incidentally, I always have something else to do). He said here you go, again, and yeah, bye. I overblew it, but the word flaw pissed me off, especially that I'm living my "flaw" to the max right now.

Tomorrow: my patient, and meeting to finish the report for the workshop. Today I worked the entire day on my laptop, I took it to campus, because I have three reports, an article, an educational therapy manual (to be done in a week!)...I'm just living day by day.

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