What day is today again?
8th day, 8/6/02 - 7:49 pm.

I was reviewing my day with Simeon...yeah, we always do. That's one of the basic tasks your imaginary twin brother should perform, you know? If it doesn't, then it's faulty, and you should get him checked, ok? So anyway...

Urban legends say that on the 8th day, God created Aerosmith.

And suddenly, it struck us...

We've found the 8th day.

Why? because today is part of the sunday week. But is not sunday. It doesn't feel like it. Is it tuesday? Shyeah, maybe for you. I don't go out for breakfast with my entire family on tuesdays. Mondaytuesdaywednesdaythursdayfriday...they're kind of the same. Pretty much like your fingers. They have their differences, but in esence, they're the same. They go together.

Ok, so if it's not sunday and it's not tuesday is definitely the 8th day. Of course it doesn't have to be "that" special. It's been said that God rested on the 7th day. Well, you live a "7th" day every 6 days (huh) and it's not like you completely feel the holiness of sunday (as you might have noticed, I do not). Same with the 8th day. I'm not meeting Aerosmith today nor probably on any 8th day (but I sure wish, so if you want to help me out, send them home -mine-, please. Thanks).

It's the first time I've lived a 8th day, I guess. Or at least that I'm aware of. Haven't you ever wondered about an 8th day? Don't you go like damn, there should be another day in the week!, how would you name the extra day? and such?

I see.

On a sider note, I talked to Denv online. He wrote I <3 U (please excuse the lameass slang, but that's how it looked, the message was built with emoticons). But wait, before that, he went ,,1, (read: he gave me the finger). He just made a mistake. That's the beauty of copy and paste. Everytime, I'm more and more certain there's something else in our relationship.

See? stuff like that can only happen on the 8th day.

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