Sickness and the perspective of the holidays.
Tuesday, 12/04/07 - 10:32 pm.

I always seem to get sick at the end of the semester, because of food poisoning. I think that happened today. I woke up feeling beat up, and I figured it was because I've been working out for three days in a row. But by noon, I knew it wasn't that. My body ached like I had fever. I still feel very tired. I like to think it's because I've worked my ass off for five years.

In the morning, I went out with Joseph to run some errands. I finally got my christmas cards in the mail (thank you Blackie for the wonderful christmas postcard!!!). My christmas shopping is done except for Joseph's gift. But I might pay for part of his driving lessons. In fact, he's coming over tomorrow (!) so we can take a look at our options.

Yesterday I solved a midterm in 15 minutes, and I was so happy afterwards. But I still have a few long reports to turn in, and the hardest exam, with the longest material. For one report, I'm teaming up with the Fs (Fhusband and Fwife), and I'm hoping we'll get it done before saturday...which is when we have to turn it in. The other one is for thursday, and I'm with the gang. We're pretty much done, thankfully, except for a few touches here and there. Touches that I'll probably ended up making. But it's fine. Victor has been very nice, pushing everyone to do their part so I don't have to. I appreciate that.

My niece will be back in Houston, visiting for christmas, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I love her, but she's still the violent brat she's been for years, and I'm fearing she'll ruin our holiday. Her family (parents, brother and grandmother) went to visit her to Utah a few weeks ago, and she threw one or two tantrums, I'm told. I swear I'd like to kick her in the stomach, hold her by the neck and tell her a few things. It's harsh, but I hate how she treats people, especially her parents. Don't get me started with her. I think she needs cognitive therapy. She lives her life on irrational thoughts (we all have our irrational thinking...but if it comes to a point in which it won't let you function in your environment, then you have a problem).

I'm still exhausted, so I must head to bed. Maybe tonight I will get to rest.

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