Seven important things about today.
Friday, 12/07/07 - 10:40 pm.

It's been quite a day:

1. I finished my very last report of my career today. I'm quite proud of how it turned out. The Fs are going to give it the finishing touches and turn it in tomorrow morning.

2. Victor and I had a very elaborate plan yesterday, regarding another report we needed to turn in. It turned out to be even more complicated, and what we thought would be done by 3 pm, was done by 5:15. Also, we had a long catch-up conversation, and it was nice because we hadn't done that in an entire year.

3. So I guess that's why I got an e-mail from him today, saying we needed to talk about us (the gang) growing apart. All of us, get together, to patch things up and clear up any misunderstandings. I honestly don't want to go through that, but it's nice to restablish communication and such, and have some kind of closure. All in all, and I wrote him back saying so, I have a lot of appreciation for them and all the things we've gone through together.

4. So I was kind of regretting that I'd agreed on doing my thesis with the Fs, instead with someone from my gang. But I can't get back on my tracks, because it's a done deal. And you know, as long we keep our friendship, I think it's ok.

5. Tonight I saw a blind man selling gum in a mall. I've seen him before. I think I see him every christimas, because for some reason I go to that part of the mall during this season. He brings me to tears, and I try to buy him some gum. I couldn't approach today, fearing I'd break down. My heart breaks, plain and simple. I sent my mom. I wish I'd dare to do more things.

5. Tonight my family went for dinner, to celebrate my mom's birthday, which is next friday. But next friday I'm boarding a plane to Houston. After dinner, we came to our house, and I gave my brother #3 and wife, my sister and my parents the humble presents I got them for christmas. Then my parents surprised us kids with presents, too. I got a box of chocolates, yay! But they forgot to remove the price, and I hated that they spent that on me. I'll leave our alarming financial situation for some other day, though. It was a wonderful evening, and I'm grateful for the family I have. We had a few things to celebrate, aside from my mom's birthday...

6. ...MY NEPHEW WAS BORN TODAY! We got a call at 6 am, and my dad picked up the phone. He asked something like "what's wrong, son?", all worried. I was in bed with my head buried in my pillow but I knew, and in my head I went "pphhtt, nothing's wrong. The baby's coming". And then my dad screamed "already?!", and yeah. Poor sister-in-law had to be 12 hours in labor, and at 6 pm I picked up the phone and my brother #2 said everything went well, and was all happy. And yay!

7. More soon. I still have an exam to survive.

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