On my way to family holiday '07.
Thursday, 12/13/07 - 11:50 pm.

Well, my nephew #2 and I are taking the plane to Houston tomorrow (my mom's birthday, also). It's a good thing it takes off at 1 pm. I used to take the 8:30 am flight, and I hated waking up at 5 am, all anxious and poorly rested. I can barely believe it's this time of the year again.

I don't want to leave my pets: Frog, and the cats, Mister and Nena. It's heartwarming how they're attached to me. I wish I could take them and have them sleep with me to keep me warm.

We'll see about internet access at my brother #1's house. This time I'm taking my laptop, but my niece is coming home on the 19th, so her parents will cut down internet and TV time. She might react in a nasty way, and I'm already fearing she'll ruin our holiday. It's a harsh thing to say, but I'd better embrace for the worst.

As usual, I'm torn between wanting to go and wanting to stay. But aside from the risk of having my niece around, this is gonna rock. The whole family together, we're 14 by now (with the newborn, nephew #3) and my siblings are a happy bunch when together, even more so if you add a drop of liquor and caffeine.

But I hate leaving Joseph. I'm mastering bedroom skills, so tonight I told him that was a taste of what he'd miss if he didn't come with me next time I travel...thinking that'd be when/if I win a scholarship and go abroad. He was calm with my departure, this time it's just two weeks. I left him a good impression, and something to look forward to (coupons! He said that was very romantic).

But I'm shocked he didn't get me a christmas present. I'm not mad, really, because truth to be told, there wasn't anything I needed or wanted. I'm handy like that, I guess. He said he felt bad for not getting me anything, but at least he got me good presents when he used to have money (yes, yes, he's got good taste). He's broke right now, so yeah, whatever. If I must be honest, though, I hope he gets me a nice present for my birthday.

If I haven't bled by the time I come back from Houston, be sure I'm carrying Joseph's baby.

I'll write when I can!

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