From a laptop and a comfortable chair, with love.
Saturday, 12/15/07 - 12:20 pm.

Well, I'm finally writing from my laptop. Wireless rocks, indeed.

The flight was uneventful, luckily. Zero turbulence, thank God!!! It's nice coming here, to this house, and feeling like coming home. I love seeing my family. My Sister In Law #1 picked me up with 15-year-old nephew #1. We came home to pick up my brother #1. Then we took off to meet my one-week-old nephew #3.

My brother #2 (the newborn's dad) talks to him so sweetly, like I'd never heard him talk before. It's not baby talk, it's a very caring tone or something. I don't know, it's cute. The baby is red and tiny, tiny, tiny. I want to see his eyes, he never opened them.

Last night, also, I realized I'm not pregnant. But I knew that, already, there's always protection in the middle (and when Joseph begs me to let him try without it, I get too tight -almost like a reflex- and he can't come in...hehe). However, when I was holding the baby yesterday, I wished I had one of those. But my brother #2 says he wants to return him and get a refund, because it's a lot of trouble having a child. So instead of wishing to have a kid right now, I'll wish to reach the vital conditions to get impregnated by Joseph (economical and academical conditions, I mean...I want to be a financially stable PhD).

And, um, I'm writing right now because my brother #1, his wife and nephew #2 went to see nephew #1 at his swimming competition. I stayed home to prepare christmas gifts, write a few e-mails and put up the christmas tree. Check, check and half-check. The tree fell down because the bottom cracked and broke. It's assembled, if anything.

My financial status is pretty good right now. I got a christmas bonus for being a paid instructor...$10, but it's better than nothing, and that'll be part of my gift to my nephew #1. And my Donald Trump-ish uncle sent me $50. I must write an e-mail to thank him.

You know what else rocks? Having a reclinable chair, like the one I'm laying down on right now, as I write. Life is so good here, I hate that I'll only be here for two weeks.

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