Baby nephew and unexpected niece.
Tuesday, 12/18/07 - 11:28 pm.

Two nights ago, I crashed in my brother #2's apartment. His paternity leave was coming to an end and so I was gonna keep company to his wife and newborn, the first day he got back to work.

That night, sleeping alone in the baby's room (like the brand new parents they are, they want to keep him in their bedroom) I was thinking that it'd rock if I was some kind of rolling stone, sleeping here and there and being free. I've always been a very attached person, though, always trying to stay near my roots. Oh, well. I enjoyed staying there, and spending time with my baby nephew. I watched a lot of latino TV, and in the afternoon, we both took a nap. He was laying on his stomach, with his head above my chest. He'd sigh here and there, it was so wonderful and comfortable.

The day after I slept over (yesterday), my brother #3 and my parents arrived to Houston. We're a bigger bunch now, eight people. We're still missing my sister and brother #3's wife, who will be arriving on the weekend, on time for the holidays.

And let's not forget my niece. She flies in from Utah tomorrow, and everyone is tense. But who knows? She could come like her old self and just keep up with the joy. Or, she could still be obnoxious and roll her eyes at us and throw phones again. I'm gonna be obnoxious myself and lean towards the second option, because even though I love her, I've lost a big part of my faith in her. I "know" (because I don't, really) she's going to pull off her stupid tantrums and ruin it all. I'm not very sure I want to see her. Well, I guess I'm just nervous and ambivalent, as everyone else, even her. We'll see.

On a much lighter subjects, my wallet is bleeding and I calculate I'll get back home with empty pockets. Of course empty pockets mean a full suitcase, and that's nice. I don't spend a lot of money through the year, and I take this trip as my chance to be anal-expulsive and pamper myself with new clothes and stuff. But hopefully I'll save some cash.

Anyways, it's time to wrap this up. Tomorrow's a big day, and at the moment I'm talking to Joseph online, and seeing him on a webcam. I'm so worried about my future with him, but that's material for another debate. Good night.

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