Time has passed in vain.
Thursday, 12/20/07 - 10:52 pm.

Joseph sort of scolded me for expecting the worst about my niece. That I didn't know what she'd gone through, that I shouldn't anticipate to the events...I was telling him I didn't feel like seeing her, because I was afraid of the tantrums she might pull.

She arrived yesterday, being her sweet self. I feel sorry for her and her raccoon eyes, though, and she reminds me why I never wore heavy make-up, and -hopefully- never will: you get used to it, and then you can't look at yourself without it.

Anyway. She'd been nice, telling stories about the place she's staying in. She has burnings from the cold, and a nicely-built body muscle from all the work she has to do. I haven't really spoken to her, we've barely crossed paths. But she was in a good mood, and that was all that mattered.

Today, Joseph, you can eat your words. I was right. She put on a show this afternoon because when she went to see brother #2's baby, they spent "a lot of time in the car". I was out with my brothers while she did all this, and when I came back, I just caught the ending, when she was sobbing uncontrolably and locked herself up in the bathroom.

At the moment, she's fighting with her parents and hitting or slamming something downstairs. Peachy. If you want to sum it up in a couple of words, these kids (her and her brother) are awful at handling a single ounce of frustration. And life is filled with that, so yeah, they put their parents through a lot. Of course as a parent one never is perfect, but I tend to think they (brother #1 and wife) have made their best effort.

I'm hearing her sobbing again right now. You know her parents have the choice to send her back to Utah if she doesn't behave? They feel terrible, and they were determined to have her at home for the holidays. But come on, this is no way to live. She's been sweet for most of the day. She's been pampered since she came here. Suddenly, you give her a rule or put her a limit and boo-hoo, she just wants to be free. Give me a break, crybaby.

(I'm happy to have brought my laptop...I really needed to write right now)

Five months away, and she said she couldn't believe she was back at home, she was so glad, etc. It's sad to learn that all this time has passed in vain for her. Things are just the same.

PS: my brother just informed me they WILL send her back. Sunday or monday. She tried to run away again.

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