A big bunch.
Sunday, 12/23/07 - 9:58 pm.

Well, things have cooled down with my niece, and there've been no further episode aside from the one on my last entry. She's still here, and she's been nice. I see her angry sometimes, but she hasn't really expressed anything. My brother #1, her dad, says she's not happy (she still wants a lot of things, with no restrictions) but she's trying hard. I can tell.

My whole family is here now, ready for the holidays. We're a big bunch, and I won't bother counting all heads, but I assume it's about 14. All but three (brother #2, wife and baby) are in this house...maybe some people will notice and think this house is for harboring illegal immigrants or something.

I wonder if Joseph would ever blend in with my family. Brother #1 was cool with him at brother #2's wedding, and Joseph said he liked him very much. But I don't know. All in all, I'm worried about my future, or rather, what the future might be for US. We're so different, and we do seem to want different things from life (aside from being with each other), and I've been stressing over that in the last few days.

But well, this was supposed to be a short entry, and I'll keep it as such. I'm having the worst cold of the year, and I've only had about two. I like to think sex has played a role in that, because Joseph didn't catch flu or colds all through the year, just like me. But who knows. My eyes, nose and mouth are teary, runny and dry, with slight fever and aching bones.

It's time for a communitary screening of 21 Jump Street episodes, in the TV room, so I'll go now.

Merry christmas, in case I can't update in the next days: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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