Bye, 2007.
Monday, 12/31/07 - 11:08 pm.

I just wanted to add one last entry before the year ends (that's relative, though, as in some places around the world it already is a new year). I like those "year in review" entries, but I've never had the energy to make them myself.

I was talking to Joe a few moments ago, and I got so scared, because my feelings for him are way, way, way, way too strong. I would never cheat on Joseph (or anyone I'm dating, for that matter), but I feel horribly attracted to Joe. He even told me he could take me out to dance, and just the thought of me close to him, terrible. I'm in love with Joseph, no doubt about it. Problem is, I'm in love with someone else, TOO.

But, um, anyway...this morning I was sort of reviewing my year, and I came up with some things off the top of my head. But I won't do that right now. I should be heading downstairs soon, and also, I'm greeting some people online.

So, well, I'll cut the crap: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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