Leaving is so hard.
Tuesday, 01/01/08 - 8:10 pm.

I feel robbed. It feels like I've only been here for three days and I'm leaving Houston already!!! Compare 15 days to two months, like the last time. My brother #1 says my life as a parasite are over, and that I'm turning into an adult, and he gives me kudos for that. He does realize, though, that I have a huge Peter Pan complex.

My bags are packed, and we're having a family get together, as we've had it...well, nearly everyday. The baby (nephew #3) has grown a lot since I met him, he opens his eyes and looks around. He can already hold his head, he could do that since he was three years old. I'm pissed I won't see him again in who knows how long.

My niece is leaving tomorrow, too. Back to her boarding school. She's been telling me about her life there, and it's not that bad. It sounds like an interesting experience, and she's made friends. Troubled friends (a lot of the girls there, beyond their drinking, smoking, stealing, etc, have been abused in one way or another; especially sexually), but they seem alright to me in the end, and she has a couple of, say, BFFs. My niece seems to stay away from trouble, follow the program, and she takes everything with a grain of salt. So I'm relieved she's ok with this whole thing. The girls there are older, and she can learn from their experiences. Time HAS NOT passed in vain, as I said one or two days after she arrived. Actually, aside from that episode, it's been all right. She's gotten mad a couple of times, but things didn't get out of hand.

And so, this is my last entry from Houston. I'll write a depressing entry from home. Back there, I don't have a wireless system, so I'll kiss internet-in-my-laptop goodbye. My dad is worried sick about me being on my own for a month, but I trust I'll be ok.

Damn, I feel like crying now. It's gonna be a hard day tomorrow...hell, starting tonight, saying goodbye to my brother #2, his wife and the baby. I'll just take a deep breath. This is so hard.

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