Tuesday 13th? Who the hell came up with that fuckin' "bad luck" urban legend?
Tuesday, 08/13/02 - 4:53 pm.

Well, I'll try to make this as short as possible because I have a long homework...it's about doing 30 PC programs for daily use. It's due thursday and I doubt I'll make it on time. Oh, well...

Last night I downloaded two songs that blew all my depression away...Burning Love, by Elvis Presley and the almighty Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon Show Theme....Don't you love the teenagemutantninjaturtles? I'm also falling in love with the King.

Today is the much expected kick-off of the Aerosmith tour. Hi, I wish I could go.

My day today was a response, a contradiction, a reaction to yesterday, I guess. On tuesdays I don't have math class. And that alone makes the day.

I stayed in the afternoon with my obese girl, Adri and Norman to "study" math. We did not exactly study, but we had a great time. It'd been ages since I hung out with the fat girl, I'd missed her.

It's pretty cool, everytime I open my mouth to say something I make her laugh. She says I'm unique *tear in left eye*. Today in particular I felt very funny and happy. It was a different day. The day was great. The kind of days that makes me nostalgic. Although it's august, I feel the year is already coming to an end. I've loved those kinds of days since I'm at school (11 years, yo), but this time feels different. I never worried about what was coming next, after I finished the year, because I knew it...just another year of school. I feel nostalgic of those times when time didn't matter, my future was granted. This time around, school won't be waiting for me next january. I'll be graduated already, on my way to college.

The point is, the day itself was great. Warm, with beatiful clouds, and a not too bright sun. I specially love early mornings, when it seems the whole world is just waking up.

Hi, my shoulder hurts like a bitch. Because...it seems that not only the day was a nice one, but also Denv acted differently than yesterday. I'll make it short, there's a lot to tell but it'd be boring if you heard it detail by detail. We were together on every recess, he put his lips on my neck (no, I wouldn't consider it a kiss), he was constantly holding me, he followed me around (I did not ask him to, I'm not the kind of girl who puts a leash on the individual of my affection...or at least I try not to)...he went out of school with Norman to have lunch and he even bought some kind of dessert for me. I'd never tasted such thing, and I thought that Iif I ever get to "taste" him, he'd taste just like that dessert. That sweet.

When he was leaving in the afternoon, he asked me for a hug and when he put his arms around me, he bit me very hard...and that's why my shoulder hurts. I have his teeth mark on it. But damn, that's much better than cutting oneself. I'm just marking my territory. Well, isn't that sweet? I love this kind of pain, it's the kind of pain only his teeth on my skin can give me (aw, how cute).

Good luck to Aerosmith, eh? I hope everything goes well *Simeon burns incense and speaks in tongues*

It's funny how life changes within twenty four hours. Today was great, the complete opposite to yesterday.

I have to work. But just because I have to work, not because I feel pathetic.

I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love... You gotta love The King. I hope to meet him one day. Also, when I grow up, I want to be a ninja turtle.

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