Earthquake maneuvers and incoherent moves.
Wednesday, 8/14/02 - 5:37 pm.

The most amusing activity we did today at school was earthquake maneuvers. We all were expecting that, we'd been told about two months ago. I thought it was incredibly senseless to be told an "earthquake" was happening.

Last year, the second earthquake was on tuesday, february 13th (the first one was on january 13th). I thought they should at least have scheduled it for yesterday, because of the date. You don't know when an earthquake will happen, it should've been kept as a secret.

So anyway...there'd been several maneuvers before, and judging by the pattern, it'd happen during the third period (from 8:45 to 9:30 pm). Sure enough. By 9:25, the alarms and bells went off. At first I thought it was the bell for recess but then I looked around...and everybody was looking around, so I figured this was it.

Two of my friends stood up and ran to the door. Charlie told them to sit down and told us both to take the "safety position". We remained there for several seconds and Adri and I put a book on our heads, since our line is next to the windows and glasses could break. Charlie told the lines next to the windows to get out first. We all stepped outside, in the gardens between the hallways. What a mayhem. People were laughing and pretending to call on their cell phones to check on the family.

Then we went down to the courts, to do some "relaxation exercises". Oh, good Lord....

The entire student body was down there. Elementary on the football field, middle on the volleyaball courts and high on the basketball courts.

Then it was indeed the bell for recess (9:30 am) and the entire school got back to the normal routine. I'm already used to this shit and it seems so is everybody else. Safety position...huh.

Today was a weird day. There was no traffic jam in the morming, Cel arrived to school late and on the first recess the senior hallway was empty (usually, on the 15 minutes recesses -1st and 3rd ones- stay in the hallways rather than going down to the courts). It seemed the population had diminished.

Hey, I'm watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I on TV. Is it only me? I always cry when Leo realizes Raphael is waking up and they hug and apologize....*tears*. I love that movie. I love the ninja turtles. I wish there was a 4th part coming out. I wish I was a ninja turtle.

My friends (Vic, et al) are alway cracking me up. Aw, I love my friends. If it wasn't for math, life would be wonderful, perfect. My life has been perfect at times. I suppose people expect life to be always perfect, if it's perfect and then it fucks up, it inmediately wasn't perfect in the first time. I think this "perfection" lasts only days or even just hours...well, it also depends on what your parameters for perfection are.

Reviewing the day, it was great. I tend to think monday was just a gap. As of now, I have everything. I always fear time, swallowing me a bit everyday, but on the other hand...carpe diem, I guess.

Denv and I are often together. Today we were sitting together during recess and Geovanni, the psychology teacher, walked by. He stood up and jumped on him, and I thought he was going to make him fall. Then he got back next to me.

- Me: Why did you do that, beast?
- Him: Aw, it was just an excuse...
- Me: An excuse to...?
- hold you.

Yes, he held me. But as sweet as it was, I can't help thinking how incoherent that move was. He's very incoherent at times.

Even if it's just for minutes, it seems we need to be with each other. After the earthquake thing, he was going to play Volleyball with Norman and other people, but first he held me by the waist and we had a little talk. Sometimes he pulls me to him to hug me. He's a cute bastard, indeed. I signed in on the MSN messenger this afternoon, just to see who was on. As soon as I logged in, his first words were: just the one I was waiting for.

It's terrible, it's terrible...people are talking about the Aerosmith's concert set list. Aerosmith's first concert of this tour was last night...and it doesn't sound entirely good.

I don't know what to say. I love Aerosmith.

Well, I have to finish my assignment. Besides, TMNT is on again. You gotta love those turtles.

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