Qouth The King: just a hunk, a hunk of burning love...
Friday, 8/16/02 - 6:01 pm.

Vic was feeling bad this morning. He was sitting on the floor with his girlfriend when I arrived to school. His father was there to take him to the hospital. Don't get it wrong. He doesn't have a good relationship with his father.

My father gets pissed off when someone gets sick in the house...shyeah, as if it was our fault...the son of a bitch. Yes, Vic's father does not exactly loves him. And as you can tell, Vic does not exactly loves him back. I saw him walking behind his father, leaving school. But then I noticed he'd left his backpack. Because he was going to get back.

What a heartless man, Victor should be at home resting, Adri said. Vic went to the hospital "with" (notice quotation marks) his father and then came back. Fortunately, he seemed to get better later on.

Since his absence was present, I took care of it. I'd write his name on the pages we'd be given, I'd take out his notebook and shit...I missed him. I hope he gets better soon.

Aside from Vic's sickness, my day was pretty cool. I changed desks with Vic. I sat behind him, when usually I'm in front of him. When he got back from the hospital and I told him why I'd done it he said: cool, now it's like you're making me an anal.

Norman and Denv play truth or dare pretty often and they always, always got for dare. So this time around, Denv had dared Norman to wear no underwear today (Daring Norman was one of the things Denv asked me permission for). So on the first recess Denv grabbed my hand and told me they were actually not wearing underwear. Everything feels loose, Norman said, smiling with embarrasment.

So from the first recess to dismissal, their "friends" were loose. I tried to turn Denv on by caressing his neck and sliding my hands down his chest...he had to walk away. I want you to put my boxer back on me, he whispered, half-joking, half-serious.

After the first recess, we had social studies. What a terribly boring class. Yeah, Developed countries fuck the underveloped countried from behind, we know that. Those classes are eternal. But finally the bell rang for the second recess.

Adri and I have developed a routine. We go down to the cafeteria and we buy food. We practically spend the entire recess (30 minutes) eating. Today she brought along one lemon, because we love japanese peanuts and we thought they'd taste better with lemon. They sure do. I said I wasn't in the mood to go see the soccer match so we went back up to the hallway. I laid down on the floor. Denv and Fo walked by but Denv stopped and said: I'll catch you up soon, I just have to turn on this lady... He stood in front of me, and I said (from the floor): No, I'll turn *you* on, since today you are very vulnerable. Then he sat with us and ate japanese peanuts. Then he went away.

After recess, I had math. I already told my teacher that I (in a few words) suck and today he put his hands on my shoulders and asked if there was some improvement. Ummmm...No. But I'm learning the 30 things by heart (well, it's a must, since we need those "things" for the exam). He said ok. Well, at least he knows I'm mathematically challenged.

Then it was social studies again (on friday we have two SS periods). This time it was better, because the teacher said we should read some pamphlet she gave us, and no one did. Everybody sat on the floor and 5 people actually fell asleep. I sort of read, but then I just talked to Norm, Rod, Art, Sophie and Betty. Betty says I look like a cute bunny. Huh, ok. In the middle of the "class", Denv showed up on the doorway. And just shook his pants. I couldn't help smiling.

On the third recess, we were not together. I don't know where he was, but at a certain moment I saw him Claudia and I felt terribly pissed off again.

Like I said yesterday, today we had a UCA meeting. It was nothing but general information for the people planning on studying there. I could get it from my brother Carlos, since he works and studies there. It seems a lot of people is taking the UCA as an option, and that's pretty cool. I want to see known faces once in a while. Oh, yeah...Denv is studying there, too (not psychology though). Ok, tell me what career you're taking and I'll take that one, he said. Aw *tear in left eye*.

Anyway, the meeting was at 1:45 pm. Let's rewind to 12:30, dismissal.

Carmen was staying. Veronica was. Norman was. We went down to the cafeteria to buy lunch (Veronica went away with other kids though). I sat with the entire Matrix gang, except for Roberto, who didn't stay. When I was eating, Denv came from behind and slid his hands up and down my arms...no, not now, I'm not done yet, I said. That sounded very "husband-wife", Fo said.

Later, Norman and Denv went to play volleyball. Shit, dude, she's flirting with another girl, Carmen said to me, when she saw Denver talking to a girl. Oh, yeah...he does it all the time. I went up to brush my teeth. I'm not sure, but I think she found my cigarrete (the one Vic gave to me) in my toothbrush case. I'm not sure, because she didn't say anything, but I gave her the case for a while and when she gave it back to me, she had a strange look. She's threatened to kill me if I ever smoke. Well, I haven't anyway. I just happen to carry a Romeo & Juliet in my toothbrush case.

Denv and Norman joined us later. And both of them, with Carmen, started to act suspiciously. They started to look for an isolated place to do "something". Then it hit me...the mouth thing. One day, Denv and Carmen removed a small potato chip off Norman's mouth with their own mouths. And this time it was going to be the other way around.

I'm really not into daring, and I thought that it was going way too far for my taste. Fortunately, Betty was aproaching, so I stayed with her. They were calling me, but I responded that it was none of my bussiness (which is true). When they finished the daring, they said I had chickened out, but I suppose I had such a stoic, "I don't need to prove anything", "I owe you no explanations" expression that they just shut up. I was sucking a lollipop Sophie had given me and Denv took it off my mouth and he sucked it. From that moment on it was property of us both.

Then it was the UCA meeting. He carried a chair for me, and sat next to me. At that point, I knew he was mine. Maybe he doesn't love me *that* way, but there's something. He could do anything to any girl but I don't feel jealous at all.

After the meeting, both of us, along with Norman, Carmen, Veronica and Fo went down to the cafeteria. Denv asked if I wanted something. Just how cute the motherfucker is? Fo left. Then, since Veronica had a headache, she said she was going to the mall to buy coffee (she claims coffee makes her pain go away). Carmen and Norman said they'd go with her. And they left us both, Denv resting his head on my shoulder, murmuring and saying out loud we'd better be found just the way they were leaving us (two people) and us.

But after they left, Denv went to play soccer with some friends of ours. I just saw him play, while holding his shirt in my hand (he gave it to me). He plays soccer, volleyball and basketball, and he's good at those. He practices often. No, he doesn't have a "hot" body, actually. But I don't have standards for my man.

By that time, it was time for me to go. I was kind of afraid to say goodbye. I mean...I don't know. I was wondering if he'd walk me up the hallway, where my backpack was. He did not. But...it's ok. Really.

I walked into my room thinking of him and smiling, when it suddenly hit me....Denver, yousonofabitch!. He forgot to give me the game, Revolution X.

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