Tearful goodbyes and a change of plans.
Friday, 11/28/08 - 9:48 pm.

The resign of W. has caused an uproar among the students. A lot of them approached and asked me what the hell. The entire career knew by the time I got to university today, and he only told his students last night. I didn't have much comment when they asked me, nor a lot to add. It's a long story, and as W. said, it's not very convenient to tell it. And, well, I've had more time to process it. He told me on monday.

It's cute, how people started writing messages for him on the psych laboratory billboard, and there was even a petition to be signed, to ask him to stay. He's very touched, nobody wants him to leave. He says it's a wonderful reward. It's great seeing you were able to reach out to all these students.

I'm going to the beach with him tomorrow. I know it sounds freaky, but it's a matter of practicity. On sunday and monday we have focus groups in one state (the equivalent of a state, anyway), which we'll call M. W has a friend who lives in a state we'll call S. So we'll work in M sunday and monday, and we'll crash in S sunday night. The beach thing was already a plan W and his friend had, so I'll just tag along to take advantage of the ride tomorrow. Otherwise, I'd have no way to make it on my own to M on sunday morning. Plus, I won't have to get up at 3 am on sunday morning to drive in the dark and be on time for the first focus group.

It's all good, because I know his friend also. I know this guy and W because they were college friends of Brother #3; they were a team, like I had my own team (but I'm sure theirs didn't end up broken up). So I know I'm with people I can trust. And I'd better start packing now. It should be fun, funny. I'm kinda looking forward to it, although I'm a tad scared. I'm not an outdoors person. But this is life, right? This is the career I chose; sometimes it requires traveling and interviewing people with a very different background to mine. This is me trying to enjoy life by doing things I've never done before. We'll see how it goes. Wish me luck.

Aside from that, I walked away today. From all the people I met in the university. I still we'll be seeing a few of them next week but today was the last day of the semester. For many will mean just that, the end of the semester; there are more to come. That's what it used to mean to me, too. But this time for me it's just...the end. I'll see some of these people I came to love in a couple of years, in the newspaper, when they're graduating.

I feel some anguish, over this closure. And yet I can't bring myself to cry; I want to, but I refrain. It's hard to leave...this was my life for six years. And Joseph, he's not here. He was there with me, for four years. I wish he was living this moment with me.

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