Guess who's showing up!
Thursday, 12/11/08 - 10:13 pm.

I have internet in my laptop again. I found the cause of not getting it and it's so stupid I'm not even going to mention it.

My deadline for the project with W is tomorrow. We're pretty behind schedule, so the entire day will be spent on that. It sucks, because Brother #1 is here and it makes me happy having him around.

He arrived two nights ago, and yesterday morning he surprised my parents. They couldn't believe it. Then, at night, we were having dinner some place and my Brother #3 showed up there; he's getting his PhD abroad but is coming over for the holidays. Another huge surprise for my parents. Of course, then we had to tell them straight-up not to wait for Brother #2, he wasn't coming. They were getting their hopes up about getting their five children around.

Brother #1 told us how it's going with my niece. She isn't THAT bad, as she was a year ago; at least she listens now. Still, it's difficult to have her around for him and his wife, so their seeking options. One is that she comes here for a year, with her brother and her mom. But Brother #1 values his marriage and as my dad said, it's not fair to break up the family system because of one member. So they'd come minus mom...but then, we're unsure how long my niece would be Ms. Nice Girl. They have to review their options. Nephew #1 will come for a year, of that I'm almost entirely sure. He'll finish high school here, hopefully.

I just have to say this, though: I love my family.

At noon I got a phone call. The voice sounded strange and I thought it was W. But it was Joseph. Oh, hi. He was calling to see if I knew someone who wanted a cute cat that had just arrived to his house. Huh? We talked like friends, which was pretty cool, actually. No hard feelings, no hurt feelings. It just reminded me that we're on a break. He said he wanted to see me tomorrow, but I don't think it'll be possible.

My friend Angel pays attention to the fact that Joseph seems to have no direction in life. I'm determined to listen to him, because I get the same feeling...except I'm in love with Joseph, so I'd be prone to overlook that from time to time. I'm very clear on what I want in life...I need Joseph to be the same, or at least to have the options and the means to reach a conclusion.

Talking to my Brother #1 this morning, I decided to postpone my trip to Houston, originally planned for january. I should take the time to review the universities I'd like to visit that are within my -financial and geographical- possibilities. Clearly, I should start applying to universities now. I will, I will. Just let me finish this project. *Goes to finish the project*

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