A party and a fight.
Friday, 12/26/08 - 12:09 pm.

I spent yesterday without crying, even thought I talked to Joseph briefly. He didn't get anything for christmas, from his family, which made me sad for him.

Part of the reason of my dry eyes is that I was invited to a cousin's party last night. My aunt and two of her three children live in the house behind mine. To get to their house, I could just jump the backyard wall, but it's way too tall. I can't reach the top of it. They can reach the top, but if they jumped into my backyard, they'd break at least an ankle. We do throw stuff once in a while. I threw them an onion yesterday, for the fried beans they were cooking.

Anyway, at first I didn't feel like going. The youngest of my aunt's kids, the birthday boy, was turning 30. But hell, they're the closest of my extended family. So I walked there and I had a good time. It was just my three cousins, the family of one of them (wife and two toddlers) and three friends of my birthday cousin. And my aunt, yeah. That side of my family is known for the high prevalence of boys, so I'm considered, especially by cousin Mario, a sister. They were preteens when I was born, but now we're all adults so we can hang out. Their father died this year, so this was their first christmas without him.

Aside from that, I've been trying to write a story for a contest. I love writing, but I don't write for the masses, so when I have to do it, it's a struggle.

I woke up this morning and something was off. My senses didn't fail me: later I overheard my mom and dad arguing. They don't yell; quite the contrary, they whisper so I won't listen. My dad dissappeared in the morning. He told me he had something to do so we'd go buy my laptop in the afternoon, not like we'd planned. He told me that when I woke up. He never makes appointment so suddenly, so I guess he was just trying to get away from the house. I'm guessing it has something to do with him being the head of the house (he passes off as very open-minded, but really, he's a macho like most men of the general population), because I overheard my mom saying "but the moment I open my mouth...". The moment she opens her mouth, experience tells me, is to defend herself and my dad feels threatened.

And well, this is what's been going on. Not much, but I have the double purpose of (1) talking to release any distress, however small, and (2) starting january 2009 with entry 3700th. And, if all goes according to the plan, my next entry will be from my new laptop.

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