Shaping the future and laughing at my it's-complicated's cameo.
Monday, 01/ 05/09 - 8:29 pm.

Oh, man, I am having so much FUN at the moment. I am about to roll on the floor and laugh my ass off. OFF. I am laughing out LOUD. This is so good. So, so GOOD. Just look at me using CAPS.

But first, the less amusing but still exciting news of the day.

This morning, I went to get registered as a psychologist. My dad dropped my mom and I at the place and since she once worked there, as the president of the Psych Board, everybody knew her and were very nice. I got confused with some paperwork, but it's all good. Then my mom and I got to walk to a mall nearby. It felt so good. I love walking and I guess I should start fighting my dad over more freedom to do that.

At the mall, I bought a formal shirt; I'm slowly changing my wardrobe, you see. I think I'll possibly be getting a call this week, for the job at public schools. I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that, be it with this or another job, my spare time will become almost non-existant.

In the afternoon, I went to get information about the scholarship I want to apply to. It seems I have a nice shot there, though if I did win it, I'd start next year. I'm not too crazy about that, but it's no less than an opportunity: this year would mean time to expand my resum´┐Ż, gain experience on my field, write, become a productive member of society and save money.

I'd kinda like moving out of the house. My biological clock is screaming for independence. I love my house, and I love my parents, but I'm starting to feel uncomfortable. They'll always be overprotective, no matter how much the number of my age changes. I have to grow up on my own. And if I stay here, we may have the crisis I was meant to have when I was a teenager. I mean, think of this: when I was a teen, they were overprotective (a little less than they are now, granted) and I was extremely shy and introverted. What was there to argue? Nowadays, they are happy and supportive about me growing up and wanting to study abroad. But then I'll want to go out, and at the least, my dad will save no effort in making faces and letting me know how much he disaproves of me not being home at 10 pm. Yes, this is a very dangerous country but give me some credit, man.

Anyway. It was a very productive day, today. Except I ate too much and right now I want to throw up.

Alright, these days an entry isn't complete without talking about Joseph. Two days ago, I was in tears, because I'd finally convinced myself we weren't together anymore. I started shedding tears of acceptance. However, he asked me for my display picture. That alone had me grinning when I went to bed. Would you ask your ex for a picture of his/herself? I don't think so. You have no idea how hopeful I was. Hopeful and just happy. In love, yeah.

The next day, he asks me about underwear. At first, I thought he was thinking of buying it for someone else, but he insisted on MY opinion and MY preferences. You don't do that with an ex-girlfriend, right? All right, maybe you do, if you happen to stay friends with her. I'm mostly scared: it's either information for someone else or for my birthday.

So I want to go see Yes, Man when it arrives this weekend (yay!). I invited him, and if he happens to agree (he said he'd tell me on thursday), I may take the chance to ask him if we're still on or we're over. To please be honest, so I won't be hopeful for my birthday like I was on christmas and New Year's Eve. Please note that I may. On the other hand, I may not. It would be healthier if I did, of course. So yeah, I'll try.

Ok, well, I was laughing hard because of this: last time I spoke to Joseph, he told he'd been to some bar and danced with his roommate. He sounded very happy about it, he said he had a lot of fun. That was neat. He never dances.

So, I have a few blogs that I read. There's one of a very disgusting guy who thinks women are emotional breasts-and-ass on two legs waiting to eagerly suck all the guys' money and dicks. I read him because, in spite of being disgusting, sometimes he writes interesting stuff. Including the chronicle of a night out with friends last friday (which included the usual reference to a group of allegedly slutty women who blew him off which automatically makes them tight-asses).

I got to a paragraph where he tells something about a hyperdrunk guy dancing with a relatively hot girl in a dress. I do not know about the dress, but it sounded a lot like what Joseph told me: the same night, the same place, the same music. Of course it's him! I bursted in laughter. Sure, I would have died inside if the disgusting guy had said the couple was making out or all over each other, but it still would have been pretty funny. He only said they put on quite a show with their dancing.

Wait, there's more. Paragraphs above, he said he ran into someone who, it seems, broke his heart. The name of the girl was the same as Joseph's ex-girlfriend (the longest relationship he's been in, aside from me). I saw an older entry he linked, which mentioned her second name. And I collapsed. With joy! This [disgusting] guy dated someone's ex-girlfriend and the same night he saw her, he saw said someone dancing drunk and getting applauses from the crowd, and he doesn't even know the connection! What a small, funny world. Damn you, Joseph, for not coming online tonight so I can make fun of you.

Well, well, enough entertainment for today.

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