I haz a job!
Wednesday, 01/28/09 - 8:08 pm.

I got the job. HOLYSHIT I GOT THE JOB, I HAVE A JOB!!!!! Tomorrow I have the final interview, but it's a fact that I'll be working from 8 to 5, in the world of P.R and translation. I start on monday. I told my sister my good times are over, but she said the better times are just coming. I'm excited.

I called to the babies' gym to tell them I was dropping out of the selection process. Hours later, I got another phone call for ANOTHER job I had applied to in november. Another phone call tomorrow has to be made to turn it down. I have the best job out of all the options I had. I feel so lucky. A little nervous, but it's great.

I got the phone call for the job while I was at the clinic, waiting for W to review one of my cases. I was in the living room, went to the backyard to send a text and when I came back, he was sitting in the living room, eating. He reminded me of a Watchmen character. Holy Jesus, he scared me. He just...appeared.

Before being at the clinic, I was at the movies. For the first time ever, I went all by myself. I had the perspective of a very slow day, aside from the meeting with W at 5 pm, and I did not, I repeat, I did not want to be at home thinking of Joseph; my stomach is in a permanent state of anxiety. So I chose The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; it was long enough to live out the afternoon and hey, it's Brad Pitt.

I kept thinking of Joseph the entire movie, because seriously, everything reminds me of him. But I enjoyed it entirely. I was dissapointed because the place was packed and I don't like the movie theater when it's like that. There was a group of guys in the row in front of me that kept chatting. But what was to be expected? On wednesday, it's $2 per person. I paid 10 cents more for a capuccino. $4.10 sounds good for a fun afternoon. And it was liberating, walking out of the theater without having to ask the person next to me: "so, what did you think of the movie?". Just me and my thoughts. I walked out with an intense need to cry, you know over who. I refrained.

I was thinking of who to take to Guatemala, when I attend the psych congress at the end of july. I asked my friend from school, Art. He lives in California but he seemed thrilled with the idea and said he'll do his best to come along. It'd be nice. I wonder if by then Joseph will be living there, and if he did, if he'd like to see me.

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo. I know they're forever, so I really, REALLY have to think this through. It's just a thought right now. I get the idea from time to time but this time I know what I'd like. I was thinking a hummingbird on the upper back (but not below the neck). Not a big thing but also not a dot. I don't know. I have to make sure this is really what I want and not a post-Joseph kinda thing. Input is always appreciated.

See, I've been busy. I'll be busier starting next week. I'm living my life. I wish Joseph could see this and be proud of me. God, I miss him so much.

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