It's the same, only different.
Friday, 8/23/02 - 4:18 pm.

Now that I think about it, this week was pretty long and annoying. Thank God it's over.

I had the last exam today. We were given from 7:00 to 8:30 am to finish it. I finished before 8:00. I hung out with Sophie and I spent a couple of minutes with Denv. It very was nice (when is it not?), because it was a cold morning, and I was thinking I could use one of his hugs as a sweater. He finished the exam shortly after me, and we ran into each other (actually, I was in the hallway on purpose because I was waiting for him but sssshhh, don't tell anyone...) so he did hug me. From that moment on, the wheather for me was just...warm. I was dying to tell him the sweater thing.

Then we went our separate ways. The only thing I hate about him is that he usually walks away just like that...I mean, no goodbye, no I'll see you later...but that's life. I went to the school bookstore to buy an eraser. I'm sure I mentioned it last year, but I can say it again...buying erasers makes my day. I found a little one, $0.20. It's very cute. White, square...your typical standard eraser. But I loved it. Then I saw a box of colored chalks. There was a black one for $0.10 and I thought Denv would like it, so I bought it for him.

Things today turned out nothing like I was expecting. Aside from the exam, I didn't have my turn on the psychology chair activity (and most likely, I won't), which I consider a blessing. Neither I had a social studies exposition. For the psychology chair thing my obese girl cried. She's very emotional and a lot of people told her how we (I did, too) perceived her...she's very strong, enthusiastic...It was Art's turn later on and I told him that I considered him one of my best friends.

I told Vic to put off the pumice meeting, because I've also been blessed with the absence of Moses.

The guys in my classroom have adopted a bad habit. Since they all pretend to be homosexuals once in a while (no, wait...everyday) they've started to "sexually assault" one another. They choose a target and jump on him and start touching him and it was terrible, because they chose Norman. And this time it wasn't just four or five guys, it was practically every boy in my classroom..Art, Vic, Ricardo...everybody (about 15). Sophie and the obese girl surrounded him to protect him but they couldn't against that mass of horny male individuals. Yeah, could say they do it as "good, clean fun". I did see a hand squeezing Norm's package...that's the "beauty" of that "group activity", I guess. It never gets on my nerves when guys pretend to be homosexuals (in fact, I found it divine and cute) but this was freaky. It's a good thing Norman is extrovert and such...he'll be having his revenge for sure, when that livestock chooses someone else.

The best thing of the day? Denv. I can't believe we spent the entire second recess (30 minutes) together. I was sitting on the hand rail at the end of the hallway, that actually makes some kind of bridge to get accross the small gardens that separate the high school hallway from the library/labs one. So there I was, and he came from behind.

We remained there talking and suddenly the hallways were empty. On the 30 minutes recesses, everybody goes down to the cafeteria or play on the courts. He started to get very affectionate with me (he was still behind me). I gave him the piece of chalk I'd bought and he hugged me and started to purr like a tiger cub (that's actually one of his unique characteritics) and to rub his face against my shoulders, my neck and then near my ear. And he kissed it quickly, several times.

That just...left me breathless. My heart stopped.

Later on we went downstairs to the cafeteria. We ran into Roberto, Veronica and Claudia but it was just a quick hello. They had the decency to leave us alone this time around. He bought some stuff and then we went back up to visit Karla in her office.

Have I mentioned she's his godmother? He asked her to be his godmother for his "Sacrament of Confirmation" in 9th grade. You can tell she loves him very much. I discovered she's a big Calvin & Hobbes fan, so I promised I'd lend her my 10th anniversary book. I'm not mad at her for the orphanage incident anymore, but still...I'm not going tomorrow to help. I just don't want to.

The bell rang so it was time to go back to class. We have two bells. For the second recess, the first one is at 9:55 am and the second one at 10:00 am. The first one is for you to go back to the classroom and shit so when the second rings class starts.

- Him: I'll stay here for now, I'll be on my way back in 4 and a half minutes. I want to run, I like to run.
- Me: Ok, then, Forrest....see you later.

So I made my way back to the hallways all by myself. For some strange reason, that did not bother me at all. Well, I had just spent almost half an hour with him, and that was something I wasn't expecting. Usually we spend the second recess apart (nothing verbally agreed, it just happens). Suddenly I felt his hands covering my eyes. I was very surprised because I didn't hear him coming. The hallway that takes to Karla's office is usually empty, it's very long and it has a lot of echo. And one of his habits is to drag his feet. So he must've been flying to reach me that fast, that quietly.

Run, Forrest, run!

It's funny...I was thinking today how things were when I was one isolated individual.

When you're alone, it's like the world is wide, almost infinite. You can't see where it ends. It never does. I'd try hard to see beyond the horizon and I'd end up seeing my own back. The world is inmense, quiet and empty when you're alone. Although personally, most of times it's a cozy inmensity, a warm quietness and a fulfilling emptiness.

And when I'm with world doesn't go beyond his body, his face, his eyes, his arms when he hugs me. The same feelings I get from my beautiful solitude, I get them from this beautiful person.

Vic explained to me today that porn-movie actresses do get their clit pierced. He made a way too graphic description about oral sex and pierced clits. Maybe it's just me and my well-bred-virgin-naive self, but I thought that was sick and extremely gross.

Ok, bye.

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