Cuddly weapons.
Saturday, 8/24/02 - 12:24 pm.

If you're watching this, then they've taken over (...)...remember: music is the weapon.

Oh, God. I finally got to play Revolution X. Even Revolution X reminds me of Denv...but this is justified, he was the one who lent it to me. I think that's very stupid. He owns it. No one else. Of all the places I looked for it, no one had it. Of all the people I asked, no one owned it. But he, he does (technically, *his brother* does but hey...).

I mean...huh. What a coincidence.

Well, I decided to change my layout for a while. I'm very fond of the WTF cup and shit but...I wanted to change, ok? I'll leave this up for a couple of months or something. I fell in love with the image and then...a lot of things related to felines came to my mind.

Yeah, even Denv. We both took this test and it turned out he was a "playful kitten" (awwww...). And he's all cuddly and shit (and purrs and stuff)...he's just cute (I mean, the cat...well, both really).

The first original Aerosmith album I owned was Nine Lives. I changed the original lyrics from this layout to the lyrics to Nine Lives. Cats are not my favorite animals to own, but I want to be one when I grow up.

I'm off to save Aerosmith. It's really hard though. You'd think by now they'd listen to me and make an album with no ProTools but just the five of them.

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