Simeon says: "I thought so, too".
Sunday, 8/25/02 - 2:54 pm.

I got to cut myself again. I was very pissed off because of Javier and a small thorn in his toe....I'll save all the embarrasing, annoying details, but I started to cry because he got on my nerves.

Hi, I showed a 6 year old boy how I cut myself with a piece of glass.

It doesn't quite matter, he was more focused on his own pain. I actually stopped trying to get the thorn out of his tiny toe because he was SCREAMING and crying and yelling and kicking and I was certain cops would knock at the door at any second, called by the neighbors: hurry up, there's a case of child abuse...oh, Good Lord...It was that bad.

This time the wound bled. It's the second one that does so. I think it's the's every pro self-mutilator's dream (ok, not really...). I think I'm gonna draw a small pair of scissors next to its edge and write cut the dotted line.

Although I'm not necessarily proud of it. I'm happy with the fact that I actually dare to do it, I'm happy to see my own blood once in a while, but I'm not happy with the scar.

It's because sometimes I worry too much aesthetics.

No, looks ok.

Angelina Jolie gets busted having a strange maybe satanic sex ritual on tape which forces her celeb husband Billy bob Thornton to leave her! Billy Bob used this footage in court to prove that she cheated and therefore cannot take any of his estate! These rich celeb typs always have these bigshot lawyers who will try and take these videos of the net so if you want to watch them do it now.
This home video is kind of strange..thats angelina on the bed..she has a mask on for the first minute of two but then the guy in the weird outfit takes it off and she goes nuts!!!
Click on the link below for your free pass to watch Angelina's weird satanic sex movie!

No, I'm not giving you the link.

I've received this e-mail several times and I [insert my comment here, no more than 250 charachters]. No, of course I didn't look at it, I hate porn.

Porn is the system playing with your sphinters.

We hate the system.

This morning I felt I was in the right space, but in the wrong time. I opened my eyes, and I noticed I had a december flu, and my bedroom was full of sunlight. Hey, I skipped three months!. Simeon skips time, too. But that's different. He gets to live in different parallel universes. People say twins have opposite features...ok, I just made that up. But he lives in a parallel universe and I don't.

Onto earthly things. I hate Denv today. That's the only thing I can do on sundays. I bite him because I can't kiss him. His shoulders have my teeth marks all over them. His hands have my nails scratchs all over them (those are from the times he gets violent -in an adorable way-). And I'm hating him today because I miss him and I'm scared he's not in love with me and that it might take just a weekend for a person to forget about somebody.

Also, I love him.

I'm improving my skills at Revolution X. Today I rescued Tom AND Steven (well, they're actually the ones who do not need to be rescued...Tom is peeing and Steven is making out with a babe). I know where to find Joe and Joey. Why is it always Brad the hardest to sight?

I'm still talking about the game, not real life. Well, it can be applied to both.

Hi, Brad!

I read in the newspaper that there is indeed an asteroid hitting earth, on february 1st, 2019. I heard they said it was not happening after all. Or maybe it's just old news. The thing is, I imagined myself in 17 years. I lack of perspective, so all I could see was myself staring at the sky. Maybe I won't be there by then. Maybe I'll commit suicide at age 22. February 1st from where? From Japan or America? Time is a relative thing if you see it worldwide. I remember how amused I was on one specific december 31st, when there was this show on TV that lasted the entire day, that was about "new year" arriving to every country...there's a new year celebration every hour, and I realized that by the time it's 12 o'clock here, the year is already spent and is not new anymore...what a letdown.

Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah. We hate the system.

I'll go have some chocolate milk.

Damn, Denver had better go online today or I will...I will...I will not speak to him for the rest of my life, until tomorrow morning.

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