Being forgotten and gaining a friend.
Wednesday, 06/17/09 - 9:25 pm.

I called Joseph's dad, because today it's Father's Day here and he didn't know who I was; I had to tell him. I don't feel bad about that, but I'm afraid someone, namely Mr or Mrs Smith, picked up the phone on the other line and listened to the awkward conversation.

Oh, well.

Last night, Angie's fianc´┐Ż sent me the link to a site and said that guy was a friend of his and he was my soulmate. I certainly like guys like him, and it felt good to believe for a while that I have a soulmate somewhere, but I have as much chance with him as I have it with, I don't know, the guy from XKCD.

On the other hand, I've been talking to this kid from my university. We've been talking for about three days, and his FB messages to me have only become longer. He's neat, though, he made me chuckle out loud tonight:

Hey, and Smash [Bros.] rocks! Ahhh, the Wii one is finger-licking good, but I haven't played it since summer solstice (hahaha, just kidding, I'm not really sure when that thing happens and I'm not 100% what it is about, I just wanted to feel intellectual by using the term). If the goal was for you to reflect me, you'll simply have to say "you haven't played in a long time" and it'd be correct.


What cracked me up was when Fox [McCloud] died, because then the dialogue box would appear just for him to say "ahhhhhhhhh". Hahahahaha XD, can you believe this guy just pushes the communication button so his friends will hear him pass away?

I should probably post the whole conversation to reach a more accurate conclusion, but (it's too long and) is it me and my desperate need of romantic human contact, or does he really seem interested in me? Just a question. He is a fan, though, that's for sure. He discovered Simeon's site and by now he talks wonders about it and promotes it among his students (he's an instructor, like I was in the good ol' days). He's the one who called me a couple of nights ago. Meh, it's great, anyway.

You know, being friends with guys has helped me recover my trust in males.

And I'd like to pat myself on the back for not feeling like crap over the event I report in the first paragraph. I'm cool about it. Whatever happened, happened. I can't change it, and I'd feel worse if I hadn't called him.

I cannot wait for the weekend, also.

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