Brief chronicle of tonight's meeting with two boys.
Wednesday, 07/15/09 - 11:18 pm.

Quick entry because is very late and my laptop sucks. I had an awful day of translating and making phone calls and I'm sick of that. My wednesday patient called to cancel when I'd driven for 45 minutes and had just arrived to the clinic.

I was meeting with CR at 8 pm and I got to the clinic at 5:45. I thought of my options and in the end I just stayed there, took a nap, wrote a couple of Simeon cartoons (two in a row, it's been so long since I've dedicated that much time and inspiration to him) and in general, spent time with myself, away from people and computers and whatever. Just me in a room with three couches and a desk, on the second floor above a drugstore. It rained too. Time went by more quickly than I expected.

So I met with CR and with Al, who I hadn't seen in maybe over a month. They lost my Fight Club book, CR stared at me until I felt like walking away, Al offered me to sing his songs (for the love of God, I only sing when I'm alone) and as the main topic, he's breaking up again with his girlfriend. It seems only fair, together on and off for almost 9 years, he's an artist and she's very traditional (working in a bank and having a family as her sole realization in life). I'm rooting for Al; and I don't know the girl, but I'm rooting for her, too. I mean, listening to Al about the just hit close to home in many ways.

Let it be known, by the way, that I'm very happy with how I'm leading my life nowadays. And I expect to keep walking.

Then Al and I paid and I drove CR home. Ugh, this is why I'm less and less excited to hang out with CR. He doesn't pay for anything, I have to take him home (Al offered, but he lives way too far away and it's just more logical that I do it) and I have to put up with his long stares and his endless metaphysical chatter. I like him, but things add up.

I wish I could hang out with Al only. Not in a romantic way, I'm past that stage, however single he is now. I just believe he's a cool guy, a true artist.

And that is all, I shall get to bed and rest, for tomorrow will be another 8-hour-day of making phone calls and translating documents. Cheers.

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