Male and canine needs
Sunday, 07/19/09 - 9:30 pm.

My mood changed quickly after last entry, because the lovely miss Valerie directed me to a copy of Fight Club with the cover I love. Of course, that also resulted in me remembering Brother #1's mother-in-law is in Houston so hey, I can order a few more books from Amazon and she'll bring them to me when she gets back. And I told Brother #3 because he loves to order books, too. That poor woman, she has quite a task now (although we're clarifying, she's only to bring as many as she can/is willing to).

I don't "hate" CR and Al anymore. Obviously I'm still upset because after all they were supposed to take care of my book. I took care of Al's Watchmen and The Crow. But hey, it was an accident, right? And I can replace it, and it's the same edition. I guess I'm the kind of person that gets attached to her books, the older the better. But yeah. It's not a tragedy.

Speaking of, Al and I have a lot of things in common. I know he doesn't know that because he doesn't know me (that's a lot of knowledge). But I've listened to him; tastes, subjects, likings, point of views...very similar to mine. But then I think, he'd drive me nuts with his unpunctuality. Although I suppose that he's more committed in a relationship...he must be, judging by the times he stood me and CR up in favor of his lady.

Ah, fuck it. I'm really not expecting anything. He's single, but emotionally unavalaible and certainly not attracted to me. I like to tell myself that I have to be patient, and think that I'll marry him one day...yeah, yeah, I my defense, I said the same thing about Joseph and look where we are now. Although in that case I was dead serious, and it was a hunch that came from a very deep part of me. Al is more like a cognitive passtime that brings out the romantic in me.

In other news, ugh, I want a dog so badly, SO BADLY! There's an association for animal rescue here and I'm thinking of making a donation/be a sponsor, but what I really want is to adopt a dog (as Blackie did). It wouldn't be fair to my mom, though, she's the one who'd have to look after him. I'm rarely home nowadays, except during the evenings; even on weekends. And I remember how uncomfortable I was whenever I was away from home because Frog would get a little sad and I wanted to hang out with her. I shall adopt one or two, unfortunately not right now.

And this frustrates me endlessly. All of these years, my boyfriend needs were being met and my dog needs were being met. And now I have none. And, hands down, a dog is more urgent.

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